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Canewood Beverage was a Corn Product Refining Company operating in the 2020s, and an antagonistic group in the 2017 film, Logan. Their leader is Jackson.


Canewood were a corrupt company shown when they buys out the lands of numerous Corn farmers and using scare tactics on any that refused, including the sabotage on their Water treatment pumps and even the poisoning of the pets. Ranchers were also used by them under their employ to be acted as hired muscle to drive off anyone who would interfere.

When Logan and Will Munson arrived at the water pump to repair it, Jackson and his men began to argue in what only escalated after Logan told him to get back into his truck and leave. Uninterested, Jackson cocked his rifle to threaten the both Logan and Will, and started to count three until he shoots them, but Logan quickly disarmed him and broke his nose with his own rifle he then broke over his knee. Jackson and his men fled in truck.

Shortly after; the rednecks returned to the Munson farm where they mistook X-24 for Logan. Jackson opted to make "peace", offering X-24 five thousand dollars a week if he sided with him. When X-24, ignores and approaches them, Jackson shoots him, but to no avail, angering him instead. X-24 beheaded Jackson and finished the rest of the group.

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