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The Cannibals are the main antagonists in 2015 western horror film Bone Tomahawk. They are cannibalistic Indian savages who live in a cave, after killing a stable boy and kidnapping people from Bright Hope, the town gets revenge on them as Sheriff Franklin, Chicory, Brooder and Arthur go hunt them down.

The leader Wolf Skull was portrayed by Raw Leiba.


While only shown briefly onscreen, their first appearance is when they are trying to kill Purvis and Buddy in the beginning of the film,and Buddy is killed but Purvis escapes. One night in Bright Hope, they kill a stable boy and kidnap Samantha, Nick, and Purvis. After hearing the news, Hunt prepares to go after the tribe along with Chicory and Brooder and Arthur. Near the Valley of the Starving Men, the three men are injured by a volley of arrows. After killing two attackers, Hunt and Chicory retreat, leaving Brooder, who is seriously injured and demands to be left behind. Brooder kills one attacker before being killed himself. The attackers capture Hunt and Chicory and imprison them in their cave. The men find Samantha, and an injured Nick, imprisoned in a nearby cage. They inform Hunt that the tribesmen have already killed and eaten Purvis. They witness Nick removed from his cell, stripped, the top of his head brutally scalped, cut in half alive, then eaten. Samantha estimates the number of hostile cannibals to be around twelve (reduced to nine earlier by Hunt's posse). Hunt realizes he has some laudanum he confiscated from Arthur earlier to prevent him from overusing it. They trick several tribesmen into drinking it, however only one overdoses and dies while another becomes unconscious. Meanwhile, Arthur wakes up, follows the men's trail and discovers the valley. He kills two tribesmen and notices an object embedded in their windpipes. After cutting one out, he realizes that it acts as a whistle. He blows on it, luring another tribesman close, then kills him. In the cave, realizing two of their men were poisoned, the leader grows angry. He and another tribesman pull Hunt from his cell, cut open his abdomen and shove the opium flask (heated by the fire) into the wound, and shoots him in the arm and abdomen with a rifle. Arthur arrives and kills one of the tribesmen, while Hunt decapitates the leader with one of the tribe's bone tomahawks. Arthur frees Samantha and Chicory, while a mortally wounded Hunt stays behind with a rifle. He promises to kill the surviving cannibals when they return, to prevent them from terrorizing Bright Hope. As the three leave the cave, they see two pregnant women (who have been raped), who are blinded and have all their limbs amputated. On their journey out, Arthur blows the tribesman's whistle, and with no response, they continue to exit. At a distance from the cave, they hear three gunshots, implying that Sheriff Hunt had killed the remaining men of the tribe, likely ending the history of the Cannibals.


Brutal, vile, cruel, sadistic, monstrous and evil. The Cannibals are the pure definition of inhuman as they share no appreciation of life. They are immensily mysterious, disgusting and brutal people who have no problem murdering and eating people. They also raped their own wives and when the next child comes, they rape their mother, making them not only rapists but also incests, making their nature even worse than it ever was. Their scream is also outright inhuman as it sounds downright horrifying.




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