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The Cannibals are the main anti-villains of the notorious horror-exploitation classic, Last Cannibal World or Jungle Holocaust.


Four friends, Rolf, Robert, Swan, and Charlie the pilot, are seen flying to a jungle, located on the Mindanao island. Their plane gets damaged as they land roughly. Rolf and Robert end up finding remains of the original camp, including a rotting corpse, which they assure that the original group got killed by the native cannibals. Later on, Swan ends up missing. The three decide to go into the jungle, to find Swan. Charlie ends up getting killed by a booby trap, as Robert and Rolf see the cannibals eating Swan's remains. Rolf and Robert build a raft to get back to their plane, they end up separating from each other. We follow the story of Robert, that ends up eating poisonous mushrooms, making him pass out and vomit. He wakes up as he is being circled by the cannibals, that end up taking Robert into their cave.

The natives tie Robert to a rock, and they strip him down, a Cannibal woman known as Pulan gets to Robert, and she tears apart his underwear. The natives then attach Robert to a pulley and make him bungee until he passes out. Several days, Robert stayed trapped in a cave, where he is abused by the natives and the offal. Robert asks Pulan to get some water for him, instead, she fondles him. Robert realizes that the Cannibals want to use him, as bait for the cannibals to get a crocodile. Robert manages to kill two natives and escape with Pulan. Pulan tried to escape from Robert, which escalates to Robert raping and beating her after he found her.

Robert and Pulan end up finding Rolf. Rolf and Robert and Pulan then all together try to escape from the jungle, until The Cannibals find them, they end up capturing Pulan, and cannibalizing her, while Robert and Rolf manage to escape, and fly away in their airplane.


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