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Meat! Meat! Meat!
~ The Cannibals' catchphrase.

The Survivor-118 Infected, better known as the Cannibals, are major antagonists of the Marvel Universe Vs. subseries of Marvel Comics. They are infected individuals of Survivor-118 a serum that was made for nuclear holocaust survival by the Soviet Union but with a side effect of turning the users into cannibals. The serum was accidentally released into the world by The Punisher after a shoot out involving the Red Mafia and an unknown extremist group, resulting in the release of the serum, and causing the Punisher to be hit with a high dose of it. Resulting the Punisher getting an immunity to the infection, but causing the infection to spread into the environment, and the world all over. With the first case of symptoms coming from Spider-Man during a battle with the Rhino in a hockey match between the Rangers and Canadians, in which Spider-Man kills and eats the Rhino in national television. This cause the Fantastic Four to capture Spider-Man. Later, other reports of Individuals committing cannibalistic acts start to spread resulting in the infection to spread.


Infection Begins

Before the infection began, the Punisher was given a tip about an arms deal between the Red Mafia and an unknown terrorist group. When the Punisher saw the act taking place he shot and kill everyone involved but unknowingly released the serum when destroying it being hit with a heavy dose causing him to be immune to the infection, and be sick. While the serum and blood travel to the drains and into the Hudson River from there spreading by into the world. With the first incident involving Spider-Man eating the Rhino during a hockey game on national television, and other incidents involving the Blob entering a Chinese restaurant in Hoboken, New Jeresy and eating everyone inside, the Women from the view television program going after audience with knives, and school children going a killing spree in a mall, which cause the government and scientists to look into the matter. However, by the time these incidents happened, it was all ready too late.

Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine Arc

During the events of Marvel Universe vs Wolverine, Wolverine was called in by the Mr. Fantasic to help look into the psychological changes in Spider-Man's mentality. However, neither of them don't know what happened to him, and so Wolverine went back to the X-Men, where he was task in infiltrating a HYDRA base with Psylocke, only for the mission to go bad when Psylocke is mysteriously kidnapped and eaten by an unknown individual when escaping the base. With her only trace being her arm, which cause Wolverine to search for the killer only to find the skeletal remains of Psylocke on top of a rooftop. The next day, more cannibalistic acts are occurring, with Wolverine encountering an infected mother eating her child and school children attacking and eating anyone nearby, causing Wolverine to kill all infected individuals. Later that Night while hunting down an infected Doctor Octopus, he finds Psylocke's killer, Angel, in an abandon Blackbird from Utopia, California. Wolverine kills the infected Angel and enters the abandon Blackbird, only to find the skeletons of Angel's victims. This cause Wolverine to travel down to Utopia and kill the infected X-Men, including his best friend Colossus. The following day, the Beast informs Mr. Fantastic, the Black Panther, and Giant-Man that the infection was caused by the Survivor-118 serum that was leaked during the shooting involving the Punisher via a police report, causing the group to task Wolverine to find the Punisher in hopes of finding a sample of the serum to make a cure for the infection. While the cannibalistic acts get to the point that martial law is put into place and the National Guard and S.H.I.E.L.D. troops are deployed to contain the infection in New York City. As Wolverine is searching for the Punisher, groups of cannibals are seen attacking civilians, troops, and uninfected heroes and villains. It wasn't until Wolverine spots a group of cannibals attacking the Punisher, Hawkeye, and Taskmaster. Wolverine joins the fight against the cannibals and as they managed to kill all of their attackers. After surviving the attack, Wovlerine asks the Punisher if he has a sample of the serum, only for him to reveal that destroyed it all, but got hit with a high dose of the serum. This cause Mr. Fantasic to task Wolverine to take the Punisher to the Baxter Building for a blood sample, only for the Punisher to refuse, However, Wolverine convinced him otherwise. On the way to the Baxter Building, they encounter either an infected Electro and Magneto battling each other, only for both of them to be shot by near by soldiers, causing an EMP that blacks out the entire city. Once both Wolverine and the Punisher reached the building, they find the soldiers and people murdered, and upon reaching the floor where the scientists were, they found Mr. Fantastic mangled up, the Black Panther wrapped in webbing, and encounter Spider-Man and an infected Beast feasting on Giant-Man, where both Wolverine and the Punisher fight Spider-Man and Beast, resulting in the Punisher killing Beast and Spider-Man fleeing the scene. While attempting to flee, the Punisher tries to kill Spider-Man, only for Mr. Fantastic to stop him, claiming that he is to kept alive, the scientist sees him as "Patient Zero" try and understand the serum, and releasing Black Panther from webbing. However, they are interrupted by an infected Thing, who revealed to have released Spider-Man along with his tribe members Red She-Hulk and Thundra, resulting in Mr. Fantastic, Wolverine, and the Punisher fighting the Thing, Red She-Hulk, and Thundra. It was not long that enough that Black Panther to throw explosive projectiles at the three, causing the Thing to throw a weakened Red She-Hulk at the group and retreat with Thundra to go look for the Hulk for assistance. While the group suggests on finding a safe location to develop the cure, Wolverine suggested to head to Wakanda, only for Black Panther to reveal that the cannibals have overrun and caused the collapse of Wakanda. Meanwhile, the Thing and Thundra met up with Hulking, explaining the "wizards" are going to hurt and change them if they don't stop them from making the cure, resulting in the the Hulk to gather many cannibals to confront the scientist developing the cure, only for them to confronted a group of uninfected heroes and villains at Goethal Bridge, as the uninfected group is tasked by the scientists to buy them time to take they there equipment and research to be relocated to Elizabeth, New Jersey. As the battle begins, Wolverine ordering the Human Torch to set the infected on fire, only for the Hulk to counter it with a gamma clap that causes the Human Torch to be fall to the ground. With the battle between the cannibals and uninfected group raging on, it was not long until the Human Torch regains consciousness and beings to fall to the infection that he flew up in the sky and exploded himself, setting Goethal Bridge and the near area on fire and causing both sides to retreat. During the escape, the Hulk bites off Wolverine's left arm, causing Wolverine to escape by jumping off the bridge and be recovered by the Punisher, Captain America, and Deadpool. As the Hulk rallies more infected cannibals to join in the search of finding the "wizards", unknown to the cannibals, Deadpool who was task by Captain America to a recon mission to gain information on the cannibals' next move. However, what the group doesn't know is that Deadpool was secretly infected, but was still willing to fight against the Hulk. Captain America, the Punisher, Wolverine, and Deadpool regroup in rooftop to above the cannibals to ambush them only to not find the Hulk. Causing Captain America to tasking Wolverine and Deadpool to find the Hulk and fight him to the buy the scientists time, while he and the Punisher ambush the cannibals. As Wolverine and Deadpool leave to find and fight the Hulk, Captain America and the Punisher begin in ambushing the cannibals, only for Captain America to begin turning into a cannibal and orders the Punisher to kill him, to which the Punisher does. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Deadpool encounter the Hulk in Elizabeth, New Jersey and hold him off from attacking the scientists and survivors, during which the Hulk managed to knock out Deadpool and leaving him to fight Wolverine. While fighting, Wolverine manage to stab the Hulk in the head, but the Hulk gets Wolverine off him and knocks Wolverine out. Once the Hulk made it to location where the scientist are at, he finds the area empty. As the scientists had escape earlier and pick up a knocked out Wolverine on the way. Two years later, the scientists are being a human trial on cure for the cannibals to revert the cannibals back to normal.

Marvel Universe Vs the Avengers Arc

During the Marvel Universe Vs the Avengers, the Avengers were called in to help contain the infected during the beginning days of the plague, with them being task to stop anyone from escaping from New York City and from nobody to enter into the city. Hawkeye was tasked in hunting down and killing the infected that were inside a building, among the infected was Mockingbird. After killing the infected, he sees the chaos that cannibals are causing around the city, with Nick Fury explaining to him that hospitals are maxed out, emergency services are down, and that the U.S. Government has placed New York City under heavy lock down with nothing being let in or out, and that they are considering in dropping a nuke in the city to keep the infection at bay. As the Avengers along with some surviving villains battle to contain the infection from spreading into world, things begin to go from bad to worse with Fury explaining that he doesn't have any backup since most of his troops and agents being to become infected on the Helicarrier and that the infection is spreading across America and many other parts of the world. This causes the Avengers to have little to no help at when dealing with the infected. During a battle with an infected Juggernaut, Doctor Doom appears, killing Juggernaut and explaining to the Avengers that he has the cure to the infection and that he will give to them if they let him rule the world. At first, the Avengers refuse, knowing that it can be a trick and begin to fight Doom, only for an infected Hercules to appear with other infected superpowered individuals. This shocked the Avengers, since they thought that Hercules can't be infected due to him being a god. The infected group begin to attack the Avengers, causing the Avengers to have heavy losses and forcing the Avengers to ask Doom for assistance and that they will take his offer, causing Doom to go and kill the infected and Hercules, After the battle, the Avengers were forced to bow down to Doom as their new ruler, as Doom gives the Avengers doomstone collars, which contains a doomstone that acts the cure to the infection, and task the avengers to look for survivors and take them to the safe zone, where they will be given a doomstone, while also tasking them to look for cannibals and force the cannibals wear the stones to be cure them, but to no result. This causes Thor to leave the group and head back to Asgard, after his refusal to wear one of the Doomstone collars. The Avengers are later informed by Finesse about the safe-zone being attacked by a cannibal group led by Red She-Hulk. As the cannibals rampaged around the safe-zone, killing uninfected survivors to be eaten, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Punisher showed up, killing the cannibals and knocking out Red She-Hulk after losing a heavy civilian numbers. Doom than decide to start demonstrating that the doomstone is the cure to the infection by curing an infected Daken, only to resulted in Daken to have a mind of a child. However, this was just a distraction to what Doom is really hiding, as Hawkeye would follow Deadpool dragging a bag with a body, and saw that Doom was infected and feasting on the survivors, causing Hawkeye to confront both Doom and Deadpool on the status that both are infected, only for Doom to explain that he was infected himself and that Latveria was infected as well, along with the fact that Doomstones where not a cure but a way to spread the infection, and for the infected to still keep the sanity and to mind control users. While attempting to mind control Hawkeye to be eaten, Hawkeye managed to escape and tried to informed the other Avengers that Doom tricked them, but his messaged couldn't reach them due to Doom jamming the signal, and activates the infection to Red Hulk, causing Red Hulk to attack Iron Man, and later the infection spreads to the other Avengers. This caused Iron Man to battle the infected Avengers team and Red Hulk on Coney Island and kill them, only for Iron Man's suit to have a system malfunction, leaving him trapped just as he was becoming infected. Meanwhile, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Punisher went after individuals with Doomstone, but to no avail. Its not long enough that Spider-Man and his tribe attack them and kidnapped Black Widow, leaving Hawkeye and the Punisher to defend themselves from the tribe before splitting up. Hawkeye goes off to confront and kill Doom in order to free the Avengers from the infection, and when he arrives at Doom's location, Hawkeye is confronted by Deadpool, only for Hawkeye to kill him. Hawkeye makes his way to Doom, where the two fight and for Hawkeye to kill Doom with a shot to the head. Hawkeye later leaves the area and tries to talk with the other Avengers but to no response, making him the last Avenger standing, only later to be killed by an infected Thor. The Punisher who has been watching, now declares that war between him and the Cannibals will rage on with no intervention, stating that "Now it's just them. And me".

Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher Arc

In Marvel Universe Vs the Punisher, five years had past since the outbreak of infection has begun., with little to no sign of cannibalistic acts have been happening ever since then. The arc opens on Day 1,813 of the plague, the Punisher has been hunting and killing Deadpool down for the thirty-third time, and begins to explain in his war journal that every time he kills him and puts him in unescapable things to make Deadpool stop healing, that he is often freed by unknown individual, and decides to chop up Deadpool's body into pieces and buried them in different locations to make sure that Deadpool doesn't heal himself. The Punisher also explained that before the cannibalistic symptoms began to show, doctor and scientists had discovered the DNA alterations caused by Survivor-118, but did nothing about it and there was no reports about it on news media, due to no symptoms of the DNA alteration not showing and not affecting anyone, and it wasn't until incident involving Spider-Man that they began to look into it and that media began to report about it. However, even when symptoms began to be shown, the media would blame the sudden increase of violence being caused by the cannibals on video games and the economy, and even when bodies began showing up eaten, the media and law enforcement would think that its some kind of serial killer. However, when more cannibalistic reports began to show up and society begins to slowly shut down, people began to panic and cause themselves to accidentally spread infection, causing an increase of infected, that the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the national guard to tried and contain the infection but failed in their attempts, and his explanation by stating that he needs to kill all of the cannibals to atone for killing the world. On Day 1,814, the Punisher goes out to track and kill Spider-Man, who he refers to him as "Zero". During the hunt, he find a dead uninfected man with cut on his chest, webbed to floor and his signature skull painted with blood on wall, with the Punisher wondering if this is a trap or an offering. On Day 1830, while continuing his hunt for Zero, he is encountered and attacked by the Hulk. The Punisher battles the Hulk and kills him with a head shot by using an arrow that contains part of Wolverine's claw. As the Punisher was about to explain more about the Hulk, he is interrupted by a cry of help coming from a church to then find a an uninfected priest and boy trapped in hole. While the Punisher is rescuing both of them, he is punched by an infected Venom, who tries to talk to the Punisher but gets killed by him. This causes members of the Zero Tribe, who where with Venom, to try and kill the Punisher, the priest, and the boy in revenge, only to be all killed by the Punisher with grenades while the three make an escape. While taking the priest and the boy to his hideout, the Punisher noticed that Deadpool's grave has been dug up and not pushed up, causing his suspicions of someone interfering to proven true. The priest explain to the Punisher that early days of the plague, he ran a soup kitchen in the Bronx, only for a group of cannibals to enter the kitchen one day and began to eat the dinners, causing the priest to retreat and lead a group of survivors that he tries to save only for some to turn or go missing, leaving his him to care for the boy. Upon arriving to the Punisher's hideout, the priest and the boy were in shock to see the head collection of the Punisher's confirm kills on the each infected he killed. Later that night, Deadpool arrived to the hideout to try and talk with the Punisher, only to be shot by him, to which Deadpool responce by shouting to the Punisher that he has a white flag. While the Punisher is interrogating Deadpool to why he want to talk to him, Deadpool begins to tell the Punisher that Zero sent him to talk over a deal for involving him and the Zero Tribe, to which the Punisher wonders where would Zero want to meet up with him to talk about this deal, only for Deadpool to then say that Zero is already here, and in his hideout. This causes the Punisher to rush back in and see that the priest is tangled up in webbing, and Zero holding the boy as hostage. Zero then tells the Punisher not to shoot him or else he'll infect the boy and the priest with his blood, and to just discuss about the deal, causing the Punisher to lower his gun and Zero to release both the boy and the priest. Zero begins to discuss about the deal and the background to why he is making deal as te Punisher writes in his war journal that Zero told that after the infected have over run New York City. Other infected began to fight for control of the remains of the city by forming tribes, and during the rampage, Zero formed his tribe consisting of people with spider-like abilities, symbiote abilities, arachnid theming, and those who want to join him or not. During this time, the Zero Tribe was the most powerful out of the tribes in New York City, but during the following years, Zero began to notices that fights where breaking out nowhere between tribes, with Zero thinking that someone is pulling strings, and revealing that the ones who are pulling the strings are the King of Death tribe who are causing the tribal wars, and forcing many captured infected to join them or be killed. Zero then explain that the King of Death tribe are the ones who took his mate, Mary Jane Watson, with captured uninfected survivors, and are holding her for ransom, causing Zero to make the deal with the Punisher. Zero tells the Punisher that if he rescues Mary Jan, then he and the Zero tribe will leave him and the uninfected survivors alone. This caused the Punisher to think about accepting the deal, only for the priest to convince to do it to help the uninfected. After this, the Punisher sets off to do what he is told and meets up with other members of Zero Tribe, which are Black Widow, Deadpool, and Scorpion, to the location where the King of Death Tribe keeps and kills the infected. However, they are ambushed by his minions, causing the deaths of both Scorpion and Black Widow.


Mine! Mine! This meat is mine!
~ An infected Spider-Man to a crowd of spectators while eating the Rhino.
The wizard wanted to hurt us. Change us back. So I ate his heart.
~ Spider-Man to both the Punisher and Wolverine on why he and the Beast ate Giant-Man.
Show me where they are and together we'll drink their lives and take the magic from them.
~ The Hulk to the Thing.
~ The Hulk to his followers.
My... um... precious?
~ Deadpool revealing to himself that he is infected.
You see my brothers, I promised you meat!
~ An infected Hercules to his tribe.
~ Iron Man after defeating Red Hulk, only to become infected and be trapped in his own armored suit.
COOL! They still deliver food in the Big Apple.
~ Deadpool to Hawkeye after he arrives to fight Doctor Doom.


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Captain America and The Avengers: Red Skull | Crossbones | Klaw | Living Laser | Whirlwind | Sentinel | Wizard | Grim Reaper | Mandarin | Juggernaut | Ultron
Avengers in Galactic Storm: Kree (Ronan, Korath & Supreme Intelligence)
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth: Skrulls
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