Marquis Cantal of Otto

The Marquis Cantal of Otto is a minor antagonist from SaGa Frontier 2, playing a large role in the second portion of Gustave XIII's storyline.

Cantal, the current Marquis of Otto, is first mentioned after Gustave XIII reclaims rulership over the Finney Kingdom, after defeating his half-brother Gustave IV in the Battle of Buckethill. Cantal, who was married with Marie, Gustave's sister, at the time, accepted to submit to Gustave's rule as a act of good faith, so Gustave allowed Cantal to continue his rule as he pleased. Together with Marie, they had many sons, the most notable being Primiera and Nicolette Drangueforde, but their marriage was not a happy one, so they eventually divorced, with Marie marrying Kelvin, current Count of Jade and Gustave's closest friend.

After Gustave's death, the lords accuse Cantal of hiving a part on Gustave's demise. Instead of shrugging off the accusations, Cantal instead takes advantage of the situation, rallying his troops to take over the neighboring kingdoms. He amasses over 5000 troops, taking over the countries by brute force. He eventually moves his troops towards Hanh Nova, forcing Kelvin to evacuate, allowing Cantal to take it over without resitance. However, as he approaches the city, it is taken over by monsters and burglars, who set it on fire, forcing Cantal to retreat.


In the subsequent years, he struggles against Kelvin for supremacy over the Merchmin region, conquering most of the region through tactiful manipulation, becoming known as "The Mephistophelian Hero". 19 years after Gustave's death, he finally dies of illness, at the age of 59. His kingdom, being divided among his numerous offspring (he had around 80 children), loses all influence it once had, allowing Kelvin to advance into the Lordless Land and claim supremacy once and for all.


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