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My crew and I want to thank you for your generous donations. Food, water, supplies, medicine. We greatly appreciate it. It will see us through to the next helpless colony down the coast... The world is basically devoid of fossil fuels. Not enough to run a yacht on, anyway. So my crew and I, we had to improvise just to survive. And we found a real special fuel source. Ten tons of pure power, chained to the front of that yacht... She's sleeping now... She will be hungry soon.
~ Cap revealing his true motivations to the colonists.

Cap is the main antagonist of the 2020 action adventure film Love and Monsters. He was a former Australian Marine, but after the apocalypse started to assembled a small crew, a yacht and a giant crab monster to look for helpless settlements, so they can profit from their supplies as long as possible. After they had enough supplies Cap would let the people from the settlements be a source of food for the giant Crab. Letting them be eaten alive and continuing forward to look for a new place.

He was portrayed by Dan Ewing.


Cap on the surface looks like a well-meaning, thoughtful, altruistic and empathetic man. He cares a lot about making friendly connections and being on good terms with other people, but it's because of that seemingly friendly mindset why he is able to manipulate and capture innocent people.

Even when he had the colonists in chains, he continued to be somewhat polite in his way of speaking, showing that even when he reveals his true colors, he likes the idea of others seeing him as rather reasonable person, although only for his persona and not for who he truly is.

Despite the time he spent with the colonists, he doesn't feel any sympathy for them and has no problem with letting them be devoured alive by the Crab Monster, (Who he also abuses and mistreats.) And even watches from a small tower as the Crab emerges and the colonists flee for their lives, hinting that he is a sadist.





  • Despite being the main antagonist, he only had a few minutes onscreen and appeared almost near the end of the film.