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The Skylanders did...WHAT?! So, you like to go round stealing gears from respectable birds, eh? Well, I've got a present for you, Skylander!
~ Cluck, Skylanders: Swap Force

Cluck, better known as Cap'n Cluck, is an antagonist in the Skylanders series, first appearing in the Adventure Pack level of Skylanders: Swap Force, the Tower of Time.

In that level, Cluck grew tired of the tower's constantly ringing bells and was given a large mechanical suit by Time Trolls, which he used to overtake the town and built a nest in the clock tower, preventing time from flowing naturally, and causing Skylands to become stuck in an infinite time loop. He was eventually stopped by the Skylanders shortly after.

Cluck returns in Skylanders: Superchargers. Cluck had begun a new scheme, in the form of a popular chicken fast-food business called Cap'n Cluck's King-Sized Chicken. As long as he had a magical kernel known as the Colossal Kernel, Cluck had the intention to supersize his chicken army and take over Skylands. Eventually, the Skylanders were able to defeat Cluck, as he vowed his revenge. Despite this, he had been chased away by rolling bloated chickens.


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