Kirbys Epic Yarn 32
This sea monster is rather vain. I wonder what the deal with that knit cap is...?
~ Character description in Patch Plaza

Capamari is a boss encountered in the Kirby's Epic Yarn video game. He guards Water Land and is the fourth boss to be fought by Kirby and Prince Fluff. He is the only boss to be fought underwater. He also appears during the final battle against Yin-Yarn.


Capamari is basically an enormous white squid with yellow eyes, a purple unibrow, wearing a white and blue cap, hence his name. In keeping with the game's theme, he is made out of yarn and buttons. He has many tentacles and uses them to attack Kirby and Prince Fluff. The players can wrap them and throw them to Capamari. They have to unknit the cap to reveal the squid's weak spot, a red button on his head.


However, after his cap is unraveled, he gets enraged and his appearance changes drastically: he turns red and has much smaller tentacles, making him look more like an octopus than a squid. Moreover, four jars appear near each corner of the screen, and Capamari hides in these jars. He then spreads ink that darkens the screen and he tries to attack with his tentacles. When the ink fades, smaller octopi, named Octopeas, also try to attack the players by quickly charging at them. Kirby and Fluff have to either wrap an Octopea or a tentacle and throw them at Capamari. If he gets hit, the player must grab the red button, and throw Capamari at the screen's edge. After the first hit, he hides in the jars again and charges the player much like the Octopeas. Then he spreads ink again and the cycle resumes, until he gets hit a second time and thus gets defeated, granting the player of the fifth piece of Magic Yarn, unlocking Snow Land.

Capamari is fought again during the battle against Yin-Yarn. He is in his second form and only needs one hit to be defeated.


  • Capamari's name is a pun on the words "cap" and "calamari".
  • The music playing during the battle against Capamari bears some resemblance to the theme of Spielberg's movie "Jaws".
  • Capamari was going to use "Stylocto" for his English name.


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