Captain Americana

Captain Americana is a villain who appeared in Howard the Duck, like most of Howard's enemies Captain Americana was a parody villain (in case it wasn't painfully obvious by the name alone) - he embodies a man who has taken the "American dream" way, way too far and become all but insane (alright.. completely insane..), stopping at nothing to destroy what he saw as the "feathered foreigner" that had "invaded" his home.


Captain Americana returned home from a hard days work and greeted his "good little Americans." Upon finding that his wife had hired a duck (Howard the) as his kids' babysitter, he became furious that his kids were having their pure American environment polluted by a feathered foreigner. Howard tried to make tracks, but Captain Americana slammed the door shut and denounced Howard as a purveyor of perversions, sent to undermine the American home. Remarking that he was a believer in the right of every American to bear arms, Captain Americana pulled out a shotgun and announced, "It's hunting season, pinko duck!" Howard fled into Americana's den and his under a sofa, but Americana saw his hat and began firing into his furniture. Howard escaped perforation again and rushed to the front door, which was still locked, where Americana caught up with him. Americana refused negotiations, stating that debate sapped will-power, just like Senator Joe McCarthy had stated back in the 1950s. When Howard didn't recognize McCarthy's name, Americana denounced him as a blasphemer, but the distraction allowed Howard to escape out the window. Americana fired straight through the wall of his house and was pleased to find a duck laying on the ground. He bragged about saving his children from this foul fowl and offered it to them for dinner, but his freshly returned wife pointed out that he had merely shot his own decoy, which had been hanging on the wall.

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