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Captian Ashland was the main antagonist of the 1980 movie Death Ship. He became possessed by the Death Ship and became a puppet, killing the protagonist under the control of the Death Ship.

He was portrayed by the late George Kennedy.


Captain Ashland is making his final voyage, attended by his replacement, Captain Trevor Marshall, who has brought along his family. However things change (Despite Ashland's best efforts) when they are rammed by the Death Ship and their cruise ship is sunk. Ashland survives and boards the Death Ship with other survivors, including the Marshall family.  While on board the Death Ship, a delirious Ashland hears a mysterious voice speaking to him in German, telling him "This ship has been waiting for you...It is your new ship....Your chance has come!"  This is the first hint of Ashland becoming possessed.

When Mrs. Morgan becomes deformed from eating one of the poisoned pieces of candy from the Death Ship, she stumbles back to the bunk room, where a now possessed Ashland strangles her. Now awake, and apparently possessed by the ship's dead captain, Ashland dons an officer's uniform from the Kriegsmarine and announces that he is the captain.

The survivors try to get some rest but are further taunted by Ashland, who now prowls the ship's passages looking for victims. Lori, who was trapped in the shower and showered in blood goes into shock; she's then tossed overboard by Ashland. Marshall and Nick attempt to stop Ashland from trying to kill more people but Ashland escapes and continues to torture them. Nick lunges at Ashland, but instead plunges into a net holding skeletal remains, where Ashland drowns him. Marshall manages to stab a gloating Ashland, apparently killing him and stopping the ship.

Later on Ashland is resurrected by the Death Ship who traps Trevor Marshall's wife Margaret in a chain locker. Ashland knocks out Marshall and attempts to shoot the escaping Marshall family with a Mauser rifle. Meanwhile, the Death Ship detects another cruise liner and begins to give chase, ignoring Ashland, who wants it to run down the Marshall's raft instead. Ashland storms into the engine room and shoots at the machinery in vain, but falls into the steering gear, breaking his bones and is then crushed to death. 


  • Ashland was stabbed with a butter knife so it is possible that he faked dying to kill Marshall.
  • Ashland dons a Kriegsmarine uniform, meaning that he has somewhat become a nazi.
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