Look, it must be the dread pirate, Bear Beard! He must be the most fearsome pirate of all the seas.
~ Narrator

Captain Bearbeard appears in the Golden Edition of the game Naughty Bear. He is the second boss bear in Episode 9: The Treasure of Bearbeard. He is the leader of the Pirate Bears and is, according to the narrator, the most fiercest pirate of all the seas.

The Perfection Island Herald states that Captain Bearbeard's real name is Comfy Bear and that he was once part of the crew known as the Glorious Unibear, but heleft to become captain of the Fluffouls Revenge.

Episode 9

Giggles', who is wearing a pirate hat, is asleep on the docks. Naughty Bear watches him and sees an opportunity for a prank. He puts a small nut in a fluffouls mouth, and it flies over Giggle's mouth. It drops the nut in Giggles' open mouth, choking him. He gets and and coughs it into the sea, just as a pirate ship appears. Captain Bearbeard reaches the island by boat, and appear to see Giggles as a friend. The narrator hopes that the bears aren't planning anything.

Unfortunately, he was right to be suspicious. As Naughty spies on them, he sees they are having a treasure hunt. Sunbeam and Chubby are are participating in the hunt as well. The X appears to be on Naughty's hut. The narrator tells Naughty that the bears are going to dig up his hut to find the treasure. Naughty decides he cannot let this happen and goes out to stop Bearbeard and Giggles.


It is stated in the Perfection Island Herald that Captain Bearbeard uses his frightening image instead of force to get the response from the those he robs. There is also no record of him killing or hurting the bears he captured. Also, he is loved by his crew. He is one of the few bears who doesn't really mean harm to Naughty himself, he was just searching for the treasure that happened to be under Naughty's hut. He is also shown to be quite friendly, giving Giggles a slap on the back and laughing at one point.

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