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It's not a bloody children's toy. It's a refined and elegant weapon which, in the hands of a master like yours truly, can lop yer bloody head off!
~ Captain Boomerang
You throw Digger Harkness... and he just comes back stronger.
~ Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang is a villain in DC comics and its media.


George "Digger" Harkness

Born into an impoverished family, he took up throwing boomerangs as a special talent. Later, he tried to make a living by selling toy boomerangs at a toy store. The customers made fun of him and mocked his toys, so he turned to a life of crime.

Owen Mercer

The son of the previous Captain Boomerang, Owen was abandoned by Digger, and raised in a foster home. Owen later learned that he is half brother of the current Kid Flash, Bart Allen, from his father, shortly before his death. After a brief stint with the superhero team, the Outsiders, Owen returned to the side of evil during the Blackest Night when he feed the hearts of the living to his Black Lantern father, and was killed by his fellow Rogues for breaking their rules.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Boomerang has no real powers, but he is a mechanical genius, capable of making special boomerangs that explode on contact. He has also been known to create boomerangs with especially sharp edges.

Owen, being Bart's half brother, had limited super speed.

In other media

Justice League Unlimited

Harkness has made an appearance in the animated series Justice League Unlimited as a member of Task Force X led by Rick Flag. He also appeared later in the episode Flash and Substance. In that episode, he appears in a streamlined, trench-coated version of his traditional costume. Harkness also made an appearance in the episode "Eclipsed", though that character is played by an actor in a commercial the Flash was starring in. He is voiced by Donal Gibson.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

He is shown as trying to kill Superman among other villains in order to collect the bounty.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

In the episode Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster, he is shown holding Flash on a giant boomerang ready to fire him away but was foiled by Batman. He was later shown in Four Star Spectacular this time holding Batman prisoner and was about to kill him with his own Batarang but was stopped just in time by Flash. He was voiced by John DiMaggio in both episodes. 


Digger Harkness appears in Season 3 of Arrow, portrayed by Nick Tarabay.

Suicide Squad

Captain Boomerang is one of the main characters of the film. He gets along well with Deadshot and Harley Quinn in the film.

Batman: Assault On Arkham

Captain Boomerang is a major protagonist of the film.

The Lego Batman Movie

Captain Boomerang appears in The Lego Batman Movie.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Captain Boomerang appears as one of the main characters in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

Young Justice: Outsiders

Captain Boomerang appears in the Young Justice: Outsiders.


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