This wheeled steambot led the raid on the village of Goosebucket, kidnapped the local heroes and set the town hall on fire.
~ Captain Canary's first Besteriy page on him.
Our heroes followed the army's trail to a cavernous hideout. Where they ran into the captain once more. This time, he was not alone.
~ Captain Canery (Army Hideout)'s Bestery page entry.
Fallen on hard after his defeat by our heroes' hands, this wheeled captain returned once more to manace them on the road to the Cursed City.
~ Captain Canery (Haunted Forest)'s Besteriy Page.

Captain Canary is one of the antagonists in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Captain Canary was the leader of some of the Void soldiers that burned down a village and kidnapped the Guild members, he later fought against Armilly, Copernica and Galleo, only to leave after he lost. He later befriended a mage from the guilds college and was given a Dragon, he later fought against the trio once again as well as their new ally Orik. After his two failers, the Void army kicked him out, leaving the Captain to turn into a petty thief who once again fought against the Fellowship wanting to rob them of their money. He was defeated once again and so went to look for others to steal from. He was later seen inprisoned, presumably wanting to rejoin the Void but failed, where he was asking help for the heroes but since they were fighting agains illsiouns, they thought that he was one of them and so he remained imprioned. The captain and his bird where later shown playing cards with a Duck Truck after the Behemoth wad defeated.

Captain Canary appears in the areana in the Void Army cup in the final round.

Powers and Abilities

Cards: Captain Canary's cards for his combat are: Call the Weak, Sapping Strike, Drain Strange, Mark Target and Drive By.


  • Captain Canary, Ace, Copperback and Jester are the only enemies, not including bosses, to appear different to the enemies they are affiliated with.


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