Lego Captain Fear

Captain Fear

Captain Fear is a minor antagonist in the film Lego Justice League: Cosmic Clash.

He was voiced by Jason Spisak.



After Brainiac sent Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern back in time, he erased Green Lantern's memory and sent him to the year, 1741. There, Hal was found by Captain Fear. Hal gave him his ring to gain passage on his ship and became a member of his crew. Hal was very frightened of Captain Fear who kept ordering him around. Eventually, Batman appeared before Captain Fear and his crew riding on a shark, impressing them. Captain Fear gained Batman passage on his ship. As Batman talked with Hal, he asked him where his green ring is. Hal told him that it's kept in Fear's treasure chest. As a plan to get it back, Hal caused a distraction by spilling several barrels, causing pandemonium among the crew mates. This brought the attention of Captain Fear, who began to chastises Hal for his clumsiness. However, It did not take him long to notice Batman stealing from his treasure chest. Fear forced Batman to walk the plank and laughed while walking away with his back turn. However, once he turned around, he saw Batman on a pirate ship projection created by Green Lantern. Captain Fear ordered his men to fire at it, but had no affect. Hal then fired the cannons on his projection, which caused Captain Fear's ship sink. As Captain Fear and his crew appeared before Batman as they arose from the water, Batman alerts them about the shark who chases them away. it is unknown what happened to them afterwards.



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