Captain Fleagle is a supporting antagonist in the 1993 video game, Rocket Knight Adventures. He is an official of the Devotindos Empire and the captain of the Big Barone.


Fleagle took part in the Devotindos' invasion of Zebulos, leading the occupation of several of the kingdom's territories. However, Fleagle and his forces soon encountered resistance from the rocket knight, Sparkster.

Fleagle later encounters Sparkster face-to-face in stage 4-1 and is fought as the boss of that stage. He initially appears disguised as Princess Sherry though reveals himself soon after, angering Sparkster. He then attempts to defeat Sparkster by flinging fireballs at him, but this back fires when Sparkster deflects the fireballs back at him. Fleagle then flees.

After Sparkster defeats the Flying Pig Head, he is confronted by Fleagle again, this time with the Wiggling Robot by his side. After Sparkster defeats the robot, Fleagle charges at him head on, but winds up defeated by the Rocket Knight as well.