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I'm gonna choke my million bucks outta you! You're gonna die!
~ Frye's last words to Stanley Goodspeed.

Captain Frye is the main antagonist in the 1996 Michael Bay action film The Rock. He is one of General Hummel's marines who went rogue in order to get $100 million from the U.S. government by launching VX poisonous gas rockets on San Francisco due to Hummel's refusal to achieve this, provoking him into eliminating his commander.

He was portrayed by Gregory Sporleder.


Military Career and Becoming Greedy

Frye first appeared when he and his consociate, Captain Darrow, greeted their commanding officer - General Hummel - at the Alcatraz as part of his team's "mission" to conquer the entire island and he became greedy because their "mission" was also to force the US government to give them $100 million in cash; otherwise the team would launch VX gas rockets to San Francisco, thus destroying the city and it's whole populace altogether.

Betrayal and Killing Gen. Hummel

During this time, Frye and Darrow's psychopathic tendencies are notified when they cause a gunfight between Hummel's unit and a SEAL team sent to recapture Alcatraz from Hummel's gang n a successful bid to eliminate the latter (with Frye smiling gruesomely the whole time), despite Hummel's desperate order for them to stop. When the deadline arrives and the money is not delivered, Frye grows impatient and manages to convince Hummel to launch a rocket at the city. While leaving Darrow to aid Hummel and his longtime friend Major Baxter in delivering a final ultimatum to the US government, Frye authorizes his fellow soldier - Sergeant Crisp - to make preparations for the launch. (It's possible that a deleted scene Involving him, Darrow and Sergeant Crisp might have revealed a plan to kill Hummel as soon as the cash arrived, but that's probably not what the film's director, Michael Bay, wanted.)

Final Confrontation with Goodspeed and Death

Frye is later surprised when one of the VX missiles flies off course into the ocean. Deducing that Hummel changed the coordinates, Frye confronts him and becomes outraged to learn that the mission was a hoax - as Hummel had no intention of destroying San Francisco or killing its populace - and thus no ransom will be paid. In the ensuing argument between them, Instead of taking four hostages then evacuating, Frye reveals his nature to Hummel by pointing out that he and Darrow aren't "bluffing" about proceeding with the launch. The increasingly tense situation erupts into a gunfight, in which Frye and Darrow kill Hummel before being forced to retreat when Stanley Goodspeed and John Mason intervene in the latter's defense. Later, while Frye attempts to prepare the launch, and with Darrow not reporting back (because he was killed By Goodspeed), Frye - unaware that the last missile had been rendered harmless and disposed of, or simply unconcerned - takes matters into his own hands to kill Stanley Goodspeed. A confrontation ensures between the two in which Frye tries to suffocate the doctor, but Goodspeed still has a trick up his sleeve and shoves a VX gas marble into Frye's mouth, making him bite down by uppercutting him. This causes Frye to endure a very painful death. while Stanley injects himself with the antidote. Thus avenging the deaths of Hummel alongside both Baxter and Crisp themselves.


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