Captain Garoa is the secondary antagonist of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. He is the captain of the Galactic Imperial Army Zone's flagship and second-in-command to Empress Meadow.

He was portrayed by Takeshi Ishikawa.


After the Hoshikawa siblings' parents succeeded at restoring life on Sidon, Garoa and the Galactic Commanders appeared to attack them, as Sidon was one of the planets they needed destroyed in order for Meadow to gain immortality. He was shot and scarred by a young Gaku, which would later lead to a rivalry between them.

The Hoshikawa siblings succeeded in escaping Zone and returning to Earth, though their parents could not go with them. Earth would later become the 1,000th planet Zone needed to destroy in order to complete the ritual, bringing Garoa and Zone into conflict with the Hoshikawa siblings again, as they became the Fiveman to repel the Zone invasion.

Though appearing competent at first, his continued failures and eventually the destruction of his monster Goriwashigin eventually led to him being demoted to janitor and replaced with Captain Chevalier.

Seeking to regain his former status, Garoa discovered an energy source within Vulgyre, unaware of its true nature, and used it on a Gorlin to create the powerful robotic monster, the Big Garoan. After the monster destroyed Five Robo, Garoa was awarded back his position as Captain, though he had to share it alongside Chevalier.

Later, as Vulgyre collapsed, Garoa found himself trapped within the coffin of Meadow, being the last surviving member of Zone aside from Dongoros. Garoa died alongside Dongoros as Vulgyre exploded.


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