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There is no other way, creature! Our very way of life is at stake. I don't expect an outsider like you to understand.
~ Captain Grime refusing to Anne's requests.

Captain Grime is the secondary antagonist in the 2019 Disney animated TV show Amphibia, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1, and one of the secondary antagonists (alongside Sasha Waybright) of Season 2.

He is the Toad General and one of the leaders of Amphibia, as well as the new boss for Sasha, and Anne and Sprig's arch-nemesis.

He is voiced by Troy Baker.


Captain Grime is portrayed as a sadistic and ruthless being before the events of "Prison Break". However, he became more friendly to his army at the end of the episode, but that did not stop him from attempting to achieve his goal by attacking Amphibia civilians.


Captain Grime is a large toad with a more menacing appearance than all the other frogs. He has one glowing left eye and a damaged right eye with a red scar over it. He also wears brown armor with a similarly brown cape.


Season 1

Captain Grime made his debut at the end of the episode "Best Fronds". He can be seen with an imprisoned Sasha, thinking about finding another human in Amphibia after he shows her Anne's missing shoe.

In "Prison Break", Captain Grime was angry due to the fact his army refused to pay their taxes. He later checked on Sasha in her prison, until a couple of giant herons attacked the Toad Tower. Grime ordered his army to fight, but they were too weak to fight back. Seeing Sasha can fight, the toad leader used her help to fight the herons. Sasha advised him to be friendlier to his army, which helped him gain an advantage. After the battle, Grime offered Sasha one final act of mercy, leaving his castle to find her friends or joining the toad army. She chose the latter, and he told her to meet him in the castle.

At the end of the episode "Anne of the Year", Captain Grime greeted Anne after Sasha introduced him and his toad army to her.

Captain Grime also returned in "Reunion" to invite the frogs to have a party with the toads. When Sasha revealed that the party was a trap, Anne tried to help the frogs escape, but all of them were surrounded by the toads. Grime asked for a duel between Anne and Sasha, but after the boom shrooms exploded, the tower collapsed and Sasha fell down, with Grime managing to catch her. Grime looked at Anne angrily, and escaped with Sasha and his toad army to an unknown location.

Season 2

In "Toadcatcher", it is revealed to us that since the episode "Reunion", Newtopia declared Grime a traitor to Amphibia, which caused multiple bounty hunters and the king of Newtopia's authorities to search for him so they could bring his head to the king, as well as for his army to disband. The only ones who are still with Sasha and Grime are Percy and Braddock, who try, with little success, to get Grime to train even a little. Apparently, having lost his entire battalion depressed him quite a bit, so he's gotten out of shape and insists on sitting around and watching a reality show Sahsa introduced to him. It is also revealed to us that General Yunan, the youngest general of Newtopia, is traveling throughout Amphibia to capture Grime, who according to some peasants, started as a gladiator before rising to power. While Sasha and Grime are being chased, besides seeing who has trained and who has not, they start a discussion about how they got to that point by telling Sasha that she is not frustrated for having lost the battle but for having lost a friend. Sasha, Grime and Yunnan have an epic battle and thanks to teamwork, they manage to defeat the general. The last thing Grime says to date is that, having gotten his motivation back, he plans to rule Amphibia, presumably by killing or overthrowing the King, while a promise is thrown into the air to Anne.


  • A popular theory tells us that Grime is part of a hidden prophecy in Amphibia where Sasha, Anne and Marcy must defeat him.
  • Despite being considered dangerous by everyone in Amphibia, General Yunnan turned out to be more dangerous than him to the point of not needing an army to defeat hundreds or thousands of people.
  • Although it is not said how the Toad Army was dissolved, it is possible that they have been captured or that Newtopia has enough influence to get them to leave Grime, although none of this is confirmed at the moment.
  • Grime is possibly the most durable character featured in the show so far, considering he fell off of a collapsing tower, and was able to save Sasha from falling to her death moments later by leaping several stories off the ground and gliding down the crumbling tower with his dagger to safety.
  • Grime has a scar over his blue eye, despite his green eye looking more artificial and the eyelid looking partially closed, as if it had taken large amounts of damage in a fight.
  • Grime is the Grandmaster of the Coliseum according to General Yunan. It is unknown what exactly this means, but it proves that Grime is a very experienced warrior.


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