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Villain Overview

THERE IS NO HOME! There is only here. And here, your ship belongs to me.
~ Gutt trying to dissuade Manny from travelling home after he catches Flynn revealing how to get home.
That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty and now the loyalty of my crew! I will destroy him! And everything he loves!
~ Gutt vowing revenge on Manny for stealing his ship before heading to the continent.

Captain Gutt is the main antagonist of Blue Sky's 7th animated feature film Ice Age: Continental Drift and a posthumous antagonist in the 2016 TV special Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade and in the 2022 Disney+ film The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.

He is a Gigantopithecus pirate who is the self-proclaimed "undisputed Master of the Seas", as well as the mongering captain of his crew. He is also Manny's archenemy and Shira's former boss.

He was voiced by Peter Dinklage, who also played Dr. Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. Simon Bar Sinister in the film adaptation of Underdog and Eddie Plant in Pixels.


Gutt is a huge, slender, muscular Gigantopithecus orangutan with grayish-black fur, a shaggy gray beard, long jagged claws, a white belly, a pink muzzle, brown eyes, and disgusting yellow teeth. He has a tuft of fur on his head that resembles a pirate's tricorn hat.


Gutt is a prideful, autocratic, disrespectful, manipulative and egomaniacal ape who hides his deceitful and easily-provoked nature through an amiable facade he first presents to Manny in an effort to win him over. However, this covers a destructive, murderous, sadistic and greedy ape who is more than willing to treat his own crew as disposable and goes to any length to hurt Manny, seeking excessive means to try and kill him. However, Gutt rescued his crew prior to the events of the film, suggesting a barely implied softer side that most likely has died well long ago. Therefore, one could argue that he used to be more compassionate and let greed get the best of him.

He seems to be incapable of not having everything his way and will fly into a rage if he is defied or fought against in any way. He also has no genuine loyalty towards his crew; he only sees them as nothing but simple pawns to achieve his goals and he constantly threatens and abuses them (especially Flynn) and even heartlessly and vindictively abandons Shira to drown. And over the course of the film, he develops a deep-rooted and obsessive grudge against Manny - a grudge so powerful, that Gutt eventually resorts to attempting to kill Manny's family in cold blood for no reason but petty revenge.

In spite of his cold nature, Gutt appears to have some measure of honor, as he gives Louis a weapon when the latter challenges him to a duel. Furthermore, his unforgivable actions were mostly because he wanted to assert his control. This hints that he might be less confident than he lets on.

Other Media

Gutt in artic games.png

In Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic Games, Gutt appears with his crew and challenges Manny and his pack to participate in some sporting events: the winning team will take home "the giant acorn full of fruit". Gutt belongs to the pirate team and Manny's opponent.

Captain gutt in ice age adventures.png

Gutt appears as a boss in Ice Age Adventure along with his pirate crew.

Captain gutt statue.png

In Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure, there is a collectible statue of Captain Gutt that is obtained in level eight of the world "Ice Cliff".


(Silas: It's a huge bounty, Mon Capitaine. 4 passengers, ripe for the taking. One very smelly and one very plump.) In my ocean? What a terrible turn of events. I love a terrible turn of events! (laughs deeply)
~ Gutt learning from Silas that he discovered the herd adrift at sea, which Gutt sees as perfect opportunity for new recruits.
Ahoy down there. How lucky are you! You know, these waters are infested with Pirates. Right, boys? (Pirates: ARGH!) Glad we found you before they did. Captain Gutt here to help.
~ Gutt encountering the herd for the first time.
Now surrender your ship or face my fury! (Sid: Or face your furry what?) Not "furry!" FURY! FIRE!
~ Gutt ordering an attack the herd's ice floe.
Morning, sunshine! Let me be the first to extend the hand of friendship. (Manny: That's your foot.) Oh-hoh-oh! Nothing gets by you, does it?
~ Gutt welcoming Manny to his ship as he comes to.
(Manny: "Captain Gutt?" [chuckles] Really? Y'know, I have a little paunch, too, but, uh, I wouldn't name myself after it.) (Gutt laughs mockingly) That's funny! You're a funny guy. But that's not how I got my name. (brandishes his jagged sharp claws) THESE got me my name. (Sid: I don't get it.) No? Alright, then. (slices through Sid's upper ropes, making him dangle upside down) Lemme give ya a visual aid. I just gently press here... (pokes Sid's belly) (Sid: Hahah! That tickles!) ...and go down like this. (moves his finger down to Sid's chin; Sid's laughter is promptly replaced with a gasp of horror) (Squint: And then your innards become your outards! Ahahaha!) (Sid: Uh, I still don't get it.)
~ Gutt explaining that his name was not based on his stomach, but his jagged sharp claws he used to impale his victims.
(Manny: Look, as much as as I'm tempted to join a monkey, the Easter Bunny, and a giant bag of pudding, I'll pass. No one's gonna stop me from getting back to my family. (Gutt scowls. Flynn gasps. Squint draws his knife.) (Squint: I'm gonna lambada with your liver, buddy! [Squint lunges at Manny, but Gutt grabs him] Let me at him! Ow!) (Gutt tosses Squint aside, then leans close into Manny's ear.) That family is going to be the death of you.
~ Gutt revealing his true nature to Manny when the mammoth refuses to join his crew.
(Flynn: Wait! What about Shira?) What about her? (Squint: Yeah, what about her?) Anyone else wanna play captain? (No one answers) Good. Now come on, blubber-brain! Swim!
~ Gutt confronting the remainder of his crew, not caring that Shira is not with them.
You call this a ship, you miserable runts? (Squint: Yeah, you little runts! Get to work!) Faster, you worthless wormy sons of sorry excuses for shark bait weevils! (Flynn: What did he say?) (Silas: I don't know.) Now, get this chunk of ice seaworthy by sundown... or I will keelhaul THE LOT OF YOU!
~ Gutt ordering the enslaved hyraxes in building his new ship.
(Shira: Captain) Shira! What a relief! I thought we lost you. (Shira: The mammoth! He washed ashore with me!) WHAT?! He's here?! Did you sink your fangs into him?! Did he beg for his life?! (Shira: No, the saber took me down!) (Gutt growls at Shira) You're a failure! I need warriors, and all I have are kitty cats and bunnies rabbits! (Flynn: Uh, and a seal, and a kangaroo!) (Gutt sighs, then turns his attention back to Shira, holding his claw to her neck) You take this saber down...or you die trying! No excuses! (Shira: Yes, Captain) (Gutt releases Shira) Mr.Squint? (Squint: Aye, sir?) You're first mate, now! (Squint: Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of cool with me, Captain! Outta my way, saber! You answer to me now!)
~ Gutt branding Shira a failure when she informs him she didn't kill Manny and the gang. He then threatens her to kill Diego or die herself. As punishment for her failure, Gutt relieves Shira's rank as first mate and gives the position to Squint.
(Manny: It worked! He bought it!) (Diego: Come on!) Oh, no! It's been a diversion! (Flynn: I know! I'm having a blast!) (Gutt grabs Flynn by the snout) No, pinhead! THEY'RE STEALING MY SHIP!
~ Gutt realizing in fury Manny tricked him by using the hyraxes as a distraction for the herd to steal his ship to get back to the continent.
Shore leave's over! Get your sorry carcasses on board now! (The crew nervously hops on deck. Gutt whistles and five narwhals speed along the surface of the water. They stick their tusks in the stern of the new ship to propel it to sea. Gutt steps in front of Shira) (Shira: Gutt, I can explain--) (Gutt snatches Shira by the throat.) When this ends, I'll have a tiger's skin hanging on my wall! (Shira whimpers.) I don't care whose! (Gutt flings Shira to the ground and faces his crew.) That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty and now the loyalty of my crew. I will DESTROY him! And everything he loves!
~ Gutt vowing vengeance on Manny for stealing his ship before heading to the continent.
Welcome home, Daddy! (Peaches: LET GO OF ME!) (Manny gasps in horror.) What are the odds? We were just talking about you! You like the new ship? I call her Sweet Revenge! (Silas: And look here! We've got the catch du jour!) (Ellie is tied up with vines to the mast of Gutt's ship.) (Manny: Ellie!) (Ellie: I'm alright! (glares at Gutt) Let my daughter go!) (Gutt laughs) (Manny: It's OK. He wants me, and he's gonna get me.) (Diego: Huh?) (He notices a weak Shira struggling to her feet.) Sacrificing yourself for your daughter! How touching! How predictable. Now come and get her! (Flynn and Raz throw grappling vines to draw the other ship close, then lay down a plank bridge for Manny to cross to the next ship.) (Raz: G'day, mate!) (Flynn: Remember us? We're the bad guys!) (Manny: Alright, let them go!) (Gutt chuckles darkly) I don't think so. You destroyed everything I had! I'm just returning the favor. (Manny: NO!) (Manny tries to charge at Gutt, but the crew rapidly ties him up.) I warned you...
~ Gutt taking Manny's family hostage, stating that Manny took everything he had and the evil ape intended to do the same.
(Louis: STOP! [Crash & Eddie point at Louis. He stands boldly before the other animals.) Let the mammoth go!) (Manny: Weiner?) (Gutt laughs uproariously.) Uh-oh! Who brought the muscle to the party?) (Peaches: Louis, don't!) (Ethan: What's he doin'? He's gonna get himself killed!) (Louis: It's okay, I can handle him.) How cute, a hero! Let's see what bravery gets you. Gupta, give the lad your weapon. (Gupta: [draws out a knife] Nice knowin' ya, kid.) (Gupta tosses the knife in front of Louis. Louis tries to lift it up, but it doesn't budge; Gutt and his crew laugh until Louis finally manages to pull the knife out. He fearlessly points it towards Gutt.) Let's dance, hero (Louis: Ugh... Whoa!) (Louis flails with the knife and tosses into the air. When the knife lands, Louis is gone. Confused, Gutt looks around for the molehog, when Louis pops out of the ground beside him and slams a heavy ice chunk on the pirate's foot!) YEOW! (Gutt in pain releases Peaches; Manny breaks free of his bonds.) Don't stand there like barnacles! GET HIM!)
~ Gutt amused when Louis fearlessly stands up to him to save Peaches and he mockingly challenges him to a duel. He has Gupta toss Louis a knife. Louis flings the knife into the air and it lands just as he burrows under the ground. Then Louis slams a heavy ice chunk on Gutt's foot, the pain making him release Peaches.
(Ellie: We need to get outta here!) (Manny: Go, go! I'm right behind ya!) No! (Gutt grabs Manny's tusks blocking his path) I'm right behind you!
~ Gutt losing his remaining sanity as he blocks Manny's path to escape with Ellie and Peaches.
There's nowhere to run, Manny! (He flings Manny by his tusks. As the ice hunk they battle on slides, Gutt attacks with his sword. Manny defends himself with a spear held in his trunk.) Y'know, this ocean isn't big enough for the both of us! (Gutt swings his sword at Manny, narrowly missing his eye.) (Manny: Don't worry! You won't take up much space once I FLATTEN YOU!) (Manny tries to stomp on him, but the pirate grabs his foot and shoves him back. The mammoth charges, but Gutt leaps up and swings from vines overhead. Jumping down, he kicks Manny backwards. The mammoth eyes the nearing ocean, then back at Gutt as he holds up a huge log to finish him off.) Told ya, Tubby. You shouldn't have messed with the Master of the Seas! (Manny: You know, sometimes, it pays to weigh 11 TONS! [leaps on the end of the ice, launching Gutt upwards]) NOOOO! (Manny: [catches the log] Bon voyage, Monkey-boy!) (Manny bats Gutt to the rock wall, sending him flying far way.)
~ Gutt's final confrontation with Manny before the latter sends him flying into the distance.
(Ape Siren: Oh, Captain Gutt...) That's me.... (Ape Siren: Let's rule the seas together...) Aye, aye....
~ Gutt's last words before being devoured by the sirens.


  • Jeremy Renner initially got the role, but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and Peter Dinklage took over the role.
  • Despite he says that he got his name by the fact that he uses his claws to kill his enemies he never used them during the movie. It could be because it would have been too dark to see him killing someone.
  • He is the second Ice Age villain to be truly evil, following Soto, the main antagonist of the first film, as Cretaceous and Maelstrom and Rudy, the main antagonists of the second and third films, were predatory animals who (while persistent) were merely acting on instinct, while both Soto and Gutt were acting on personal motives. However, while Soto cared for his pack for some extent and wanted to kill the baby because the humans wiped out most of his pack, Gutt only cares for his own well being and can be considered to be more evil.
    • Plus, Gutt and Soto were the only villains in the franchise to be betrayed. Both traitors become supporting characters of the next films.
  • He appears to be based on the legendary killer pirate Captain Blackbeard.
  • Captain Gutt was initially written as a cave bear, but the filmmakers had problems with designing and animating him, hence the species change.
  • Gutt is a Gigantopithecus, which scientists believe to be the largest ape which ever lived. Even though Gigantopithecus is a relative to orangutans, he is quite similar to a gorilla as also he appears to have claws (which gave him his name) and her canine teeth is molar-like, unlike real-life apes.
  • Gutt is the second main antagonist of the fourth film in a computer-animated film series, after Rumpelstiltskin of the 2010 DreamWorks film Shrek Forever After and followed by Gabby Gabby of the 2019 Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 4.
  • Gutt is the only Ice Age villain so far who mentions Manny's name. Soto from the first film does not know as he meets Manny at the climax while Cretaceous, Maelstrom and Rudy are silent predatory animals while Gavin and Orson were not true enemies of Manny, just Buck.
  • Gutt is Peter Dinklage's first voice acting role.
  • Gutt is one of the only Ice Age villains to do an evil laugh, the others being Zeke and Gavin.
  • Although Captain Gutt is referred as a monkey several times, he is an ape instead of a monkey.

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