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Captain John Logan is Ted "Theodore" Logan's father, the San Dimas police captain, and a major antagonist in the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and a minor antagonist in the sequel Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.



Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

In the first movie, Captain Logan is Ted's strict father, who threatens to send him to military school in Alaska if Ted fails his history class, breaking up Bill and Ted's band "the Wild Stallyns" by doing so. He also arrests several important historical figures for public disturbances after Bill and Ted go back in time and bring them to the present in order to ace their history project. Bill and Ted manage to bust their friends out of jail and give their history presentation, which is a massive success and earns them the A+'s they need.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

In the second movie, Bill and Ted are treading water as a band and Captain Logan continues to hold the threat of military school over Ted. However, at the end, he arrests Chuck De Nomolos at the Battle of the Bands.


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