Captain Katt

I am the watchman, Captain Katt. I fear no mouse, I fear no rat.
~ Captain Katt

Captain Katt is the watchman and the main antagonist in the 1936 Disney short film Three Blind Mousketeers.

He was voiced by the late Billy Bletcher.


Captain Katt fears no mouse, he fears no rat. His traps are set in every room. He is making an evil plot that those mice will march to their doom. Soon, It will be the end of the three mousketeers. Then Katt falls fast asleep.

While the three mice are getting the cheese, Katt is dreaming that he has got the mice trapped. Suddenly, The bottle lids make him jump. Instead of going back to sleep, Katt plans to kill the mice in an evil grin. Then he chases after the mice.

He pulls the table cloth and the bowls come off. Now he does not know where some of the mice are hiding in some three bowls until at last, he has found the three mice. Then he chases after the mice again, And then, He has now trapped one of the mice. At last, He is ready to eat the mouse. One of the mice shouts to the echoes, "All for one, and one for all!" Katt is surprised when the echoes shout, "All for one, and one for all!" He is shocked and scared and runs. Then the traps trap him. He runs off breaking the glass and is never seen again.


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Captain Katt