Captain Kick

Captain Kick was a legendary pirate captain who sailed the seven seas and was said to have stolen a bird named Lord James Coleet from royalty. As years passed, his crew was shipwrecked on Dream Land's beaches and they buried their treasure within a dark cave. Eventually, the crew, especially Captain Kick, passed away. It was during the events of the anime episode "Buccaneer Birdy" that the Cappies learned and believed that Tokkori was descended from Lord James Coleet.

Physical Appearance

According to his picture, which was used to describe him in legend, Captain Kick is an old pirate captain. He wears a black pirate captain's hat, coat, and gloves with yellow outlines. He wears peachy-colored pants and a brown belt and jester-like shoes. His belt has a skull on it, as does his hat, and he carries around a red sheath with gold outlines holding a sword with a gold handle and green gems. He wears a skull on his chest, yellow epauletes on his shoulders, and appears to be a gruff old man, having long gray hairs, a gray moustache and bushy gray eyebrows hovering above his bloodshot eyes.

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