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Captain Kiddie and Squawk are supporting antagonists in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

Captain Kiddie was voiced by the late Rip Taylor and Squawk was voiced by the late Howard Morris.


He is a traveling performer and the manager of a carnival. He claims to have traveled the world as a performer and showman, having a illustrious (albeit short-lived) career in show business. To the viewer, however, this appears to be in very much doubt. When Robyn asked where Tibet was, he claimed that Tibet was 'just outside of Cleveland', which is obviously false. Tibet is just outside of China. So, Captain Kiddie is pretty much an uncultured hack at best and a pretentious con artist at worst.

Captain Kiddie has a split personality, which manifests itself in his puppet, a parrot named Squawk. Through Squawk, Captain Kiddie is critical and self-deprecating, however, he is also realistic and reasonable. For instance, during the song and dance, "I've Done It All", Captain Kiddie tells all the tricks and theater productions he has done, while Squawk marginalizes them. Perhaps, it can be inferred, the Captain realizes how much of a hack he truly is but is uncomfortable to come to terms with it.

At first, after rescuing Robyn, he appears as a nice guy. However, when he realizes that $1 million was offered by Aunt Pristine Figg for Robyn's return thanks to Squawk, he immediately gets greedy, trapping her on top of the ferris wheel against her will and calls Figg who he believes is merely a strict parent rather then an evil abuser. However, Kiddie falls asleep while waiting for Figg and Tom and Jerry manage to rescue Robyn just when Figg and the rest of the involved arrive. While Tom and Jerry ran off with Robyn, Captain Kiddie (and the other crooks) try to pursue them, each hoping to get the reward. For such, Captain Kiddie and Squawk take a lifeboat with engine and the chase starts.

During the chase, a wooden bridge gets destroyed and Dr. Applecheek falls with his ice cream cart into the creek just when Captain Kiddie and Squawk are about to reach Tom, Jerry and Robyn, causing Captain Kiddie and Squawk to get send towards the broken bridge while letting Dr. Applecheek to float aboard the ice cream cart on the creek, leaving Captain Kiddie dangling from the bridge. It's completely unknown what happened to Captain Kiddie after this, but if he didn't lose his balance nor fall into the creek and drowned, it's possible that he climbed to safety and later found out from Daddy Starling that Robyn was telling the truth about Figg being evil who lied about the rewards.



  • Out of all the antagonists of Tom & Jerry: The Movie, Captain Kiddie & Squawk are both the least evil and the only ones not to be completely heartless. While they tried to collect the reward, they also wanted to return Robyn Starling to her legal guardian and had no way to know that Robyn was telling them the truth about Aunt Figg taking advantage of her for financial gain. This makes both Captain Kiddie and Squawk even less evil than Lickboot.
  • Although Squawk is just a puppet, it's debatable whether he has some kind of sentience or not, as he was the first to note that there was a photo of Robyn in the milk carton while Kiddie didn't notice it until he told him. However, Squawk is also a parrot who is also capable of speech, and is even capable of eating and drinking milk and cookies.
  • Apparently, Captain Kiddie may be scatterbrained and clumsy, but he's also a very kind pirate. This is proven correct from the scene where Kiddie asks Robyn if she's hungry, and after she said yes, Kiddie gave her milk and cookies, way before he got greedy. This could be speculated that Captain Kiddie is protective to Robyn Starling.
  • Squawk is also prone of getting scared from the scene where Squawk wakes up and startles Robyn causing her to scream loud which frightens Squawk. He is also prone to being apologetic as Captain Kiddie notes that Squawk can't even mind his own manners after scaring Robyn, concluding that Squawk is the one to take the blame. And when Aunt Figg demands the whereabouts of Robyn, Squawk gets angry about it and says that he and Kiddie wants the money and they want it now and called her Honey.


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