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"Keep your 401 K in company stock," they said, "The price can only go up," they said!
~ Lammers to Archer and Lana.

Captain Lammers is an antagonist in the first season of Archer. He was the captain of the luxury airship, Excelsior, until he lost all of his retirement savings and becoming a bomber. He is the main antagonist of the seventh episode "Skytanic".

He was voiced by Stephen Stanton.


Early Life

Little is known about Lammers, who had worked on the Excelsior for years alongside Lt. Klauss Kraus. He was later promoted to Captain while Kraus was his second in command.


Lammers calls in ISIS into Excelsior after a bomb threat was called in. However, it was revealed that Malory was the one who called in the bomb threat so she could have a free trip on the Excelsior. But Archer and Lana discover an actual bomb on board.

When Kraus offers to help the agents to defuse the bomb, he is killed by Lammers, who revealed to have planned to bomb the airship as an act of revenge for having been tricked into putting his retirement account into the company stock, after the stock was tanked.

His plan was to make more money back by "shorting" the stock as it went down. As Lammers jumps out of the airship, Lana and Cyril manage to push out the bomb out of the luxury airship. The whereabouts of Lammers remains unknown.


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