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Captain Lincoln F. Sternn is a character in the Heavy Metal comic series, who also appeared in the animated film of the same name. He is an amoral, smug, treacherous, perverted, and deceptive egomaniac.

He was voiced by Eugene Levy.


In the story adapted for the Heavy Metal movie, which is the only one that significant information about is available online, Sternn is standing on trial for twelve counts of first–degree murder, fourteen counts of armed theft, twenty-two counts of piracy, eighteen counts of fraud, thirty-seven counts of rape, and one moving violation, equaling to one-hundred and four counts, all of which is true.

Despite this, Captain Sternn pleads "not guilty", to the shock of his lawyer, a nervous, shifty-eyed (as a result of social awkwardness rather than dishonesty), and very sensitive man named Charlie, who tells him that the best they can hope for is for him to be buried somewhere where his grave will not be defiled after being executed. However, Sternn confidently tells Charlie that he has "an angle" as he calls a witness, Hanover Fiste, to the stand to defend him.

Fiste, a small, gangly, meek, unassuming, and seemingly innocent man, at first makes dishonest, overly nice statements about how good a person Sternn supposedly is, but slowly he starts saying negative things as well, which escalate before culminating in "he's nothing but a low–down, double dealing, backstabbing, larcenous, perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him! Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitty pieces, and buried alive! I'll kill him! KILL!" as Fiste transforms into a Hulk–like musclebound giant and starts rampaging through the courtroom due to the influence of the Loc-Nar. According to this "testimony", some of Sternn's other crimes include running a prostitute ring of preschoolers and dealing dope disguised as a nun. Captain Sternn escapes this rampage before meeting up with Hanover Fiste again just as he turns back into his normal self to receive his payment from the corrupt captain. It turns out Sternn had hired Fiste to go crazy in the courtroom so he could escape amidst the mayhem. This situation also reveals Hanover's greedy and shifty side. 

However, in the movie version, Sternn then kills Fiste for no reason by dropping him through a trapdoor into space under him, even though this doesn't happen in the comic story.

Sternn also serves as the protagonist of Captain Sternn - Running Out of Time, which is implied to be a loose sequel to the Heavy Metal story. Running Out of Time shows Sternn in more sympathetic light putting him against evil Filmore Coffers. This story sees Sternn as much more heroic character who is actually concerned for well being of others, and also has him fall in love with Justine Tyme.