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Yes I can, and please hear me. For years, decades, I have begged the so-called leaders of the world to stop poisoning our oceans. But they have ignored my pleas. As I will ignore theirs, Mr. Tunt. Unless my list of demands is met in the next... Tsk tsk, twelve hours. At which point, I will launch our missiles on Washington, Miami, and New York. Hope everybody has a gas mask.
~ Captain Murphy introducing himself to ISIS.
They're going to say that I've gone insane, that I've lost my mind. And that's fine, let them. Because the real insanity is the systematic, my God the almost deliberate way, those bastards are destroying our oceans. And I hate that it's come to this, but I truly don't see an alternative. So, you all know what you have to do, and I know you won't fail me. Nor I you, gentlemen... nor I you.
~ Captain Murphy revealing to his insanity.

Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy, or just Captain Murphy, is an antagonist in the fourth season of Archer. He was the captain of an underwater laboratory and is said to have missiles tipped with VX nerve gas. He was the main antagonist of the two-partner episodes, "Sea Tunt".

He was voiced by Jon Hamm.


Early life

Little is known about Murphy's life is that he worked at the undersea laboratory to save the ocean and his salary is six hundred thousand dollars a year. It was also revealed that he's been down in the lab for two years and nobody been paid in months after the foundation was broke, due to Cecil giving him an incredibly large salary in advance, who Murphy describes as "the world's worst negotiator," and at some point gone insane.

Current Events

After finding out that Cecil's plan to grinning Cheryl and get to the undersea laboratory's location, Cecil tells the agents that the lead scientist is threatening him. Murphy introduces himself and reveals his plan to Cecil and ISIS about how the so-called leaders of the world would not stop poisoning the oceans and after twelve hours he will launch the missiles on Washington, Miami, and New York. Lana and Malory question Cecil about what Murphy said, he tells them that the missiles are tipped with VX nerve gas.

Once Archer, Lana, Ray, and Cyril got in the submarine, they meet Murphy who took them to the main computer room, due to having "the chair is". Lana kept questioning Murphy about the nerve gas, realizing he didn't have any, he holds her at knifepoint. Archer pulls out his gun and points at Murphy, who tells him not to shoot since both the air and water pressure are too high and could cause a crack to the glass. Murphy drops the knife and Archer engages the gun's safety, but discharges due to Krieger keep messing with the labels, causing the glass to shatter to pieces and flooding the room.

Murphy helps the ISIS agents and opens an escape hatch that leads them to the cafeteria. As Archer and Ray comment that they would kill to have a cafeteria at ISIS, Murphy shoots out the hatch and crushed by the soda machine, hard enough if removing it would kill him. He tells the agents that there is scuba gear, but only three and explains that the weakest swimmer must drown temporarily in order to let the others head to the sub. While Lana reveals to be pregnant, Murphy is drowned to death as the water keeps flooding.


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