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I will get those birds. Every last one of 'em!
~ Myles Standish.

Captain Myles Standish (simply known as Myles Standish) is the main antagonist of Reel FX's first animated feature Free Birds.

He was voiced by Colm Meaney who also played the King of Hearts in Alice.


Myles is a cruel, heartless, and diabolical hunter who serves his colony well and, aided by his men, is intent on capturing turkeys for his big meal.


When Reggie and Jake go back in time to the first Thanksgiving to rescue all turkeys, they discover that an entire population is in danger, courtesy of Myles Standish.

One night, when Reggie and Jake screwed up by accidentally making a trail of gunpowder, Standish lights the gunpowder trail and follows it. He blows the turkeys' colony into flames and captures almost all of them. After Jenny's father, the chief, is crushed to death in the fire, she vowed that the turkeys would fight for their freedom. Standish summons an army and prepares to kill the turkeys with a line of cannons, but the time machine that Reggie was driving, blocks his path, leading the menacing villain to be sucked into a huge vortex, being erased from history in the process and being struck by lightning.





  • In real life, Myles Standish was a military officer hired by the Pilgrims to serve as the military adviser for Plymouth, not a hunter.
  • Standish is a rare villain who doesn't fall, but rise, to his death, and the time stream that traps him seals the deal.


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