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Captain Rectitude was an enemy of She-Hulk and a parody of censorship, especially those against percieved "smut" - he would later be introduced properly into the larger Marvel universe via a cameo in the Civil War storyline.


The man who would become Captain Rectitude was an employee of Jasper Keaton's savings and loan company. Following government deregulation of the S&L industry, Keaton made a large profit with short-term investments. He created a genetic research division which empowered two of his employees, creating the Abominatrix and Captain Rectitude. What exactly was done to him is unclear, but it was stated that his normal biologic drives were sublimated into an anti-smut instinct.

Captain Rectitude assisted Keaton in his efforts to obtain the nuclear warhead code-named "Rosebud" from former Las Vegas gangster Dutch Rosenblatt. This drew him into a series of encounters with the She-Hulk, who had been drawn into the plot by the involvement of her friend, Louise Mason. Mason, formerly known as the Blonde Phantom back in the 1940's, had been part of the All-Winners Squad's attempt to prevent gangster Dutch Malone from stealing the nuclear warhead nicknamed Rosebud. Keaton wanted to learn the current location of Rosebud so he could use it to force the US senate banking committee to give him control of the Savings and Loans. Unfortunately for Keaton, Mason did not know where it was.

Mason's daughter, now the Phantom Blonde, inadvertently revealed the Rosebud was hidden in a statue in front of Rosenblatt's hotel, the Benchmark. Rosebud's detonator was connected to Rosenblatt's pacemaker, and surprisingly enough, the aged Rosenblatt died of a heart attack while in a shoot-out with Keaton's men. She-Hulk succeeded in temporarily incapacitating Rectitude and the Abominatrix in time to hurl the missile into the empty desert, where it destroyed Keaton's resort headquarters, the Nebuchadnezzar. Captain Rectitude and the Abominatrix were presumably taken into police custody.

After the Superhero Registration Act had passed Captain Rectitude was seen in New York where he was arrested in front of the Daily Bugle to the NYPD. Captain Rectitude remained in custody.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight
  • Superhuman durability
  • Able to fire destructive blasts from heart-shaped chest emblem.

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