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Captain René Rottingham is a secondary villain in the third game of the series. He is first introduced at the Barbery Coast Barbershop owned by the pirates Haggis McMutton, Cutthroat Bill and Edward Van Helgen. In order to speak to Haggis the player must plant some lice on to the comb he is using while cutting Rottingham's hair. This forces Haggis to "amputate" Rottingham's hair and throw him out to evade an infestation of the "hair demons".

He returns later in the game to steal Guybrush's map to Blood Island after Guybrush carelessly shares his knowledge of a huge diamond ring on the island. In this part of the game, which is comprised entirely of ship-to-ship combat and Insult Swordfighting, Guybrush must defeat Rottingham in a swordfight and get his map back.

Rottingham's ship is very strong and Guybrush must upgrade the cannons on the Sea Cucumber to the most powerful model before he can board Rottingham's ship. Like the Swordmaster of Mêlée Island, Rottingham uses his own insults and is skilled enough to be the first to insult at each turn, but the same responses used against the commonly used insults can be used to counter Rottingham's insults too.

Rottingham is a ruthless pirate and extremely proud of his hair. In his own words he is "the most cunning and well-groomed captain ever to sail the Caribbean." He speaks with a French accent.