That is not what is going to happen to you, Matthew Freeman. We will put you in a cell and we will leave you to rot and no one will ever hear from you again. Diego Salamanda sends his regards!
~ Captain Rodriguez

Captain Rodriguez is the secondary antagonist in The Power of Five book two Evil Star. He is the corrupt head of the Peruvian police force.


He meets Matthew Freeman in the hotel where he was meant to meet Fabian, but then brags about how he is an illegal immigrant and how Matt has betrayed his country's hospitality before beating Matt ruthlessly in the chest, breaking some of his ribs, and then he drags him out to be beaten more. But Matt is saved by Pedro, a second Gatekeeper, and Rodriguez is left furious.

Later, Matt gets to the capital of Peru and phones Fabian, saying he is in Peru and to rescue him. But Rodriguez turns up instead. He chases Matt and Pedro through the city and nearly chases them but then he is defeated by Incas when the Incas take Matt and Pedro into a hidden door, out of Rodriguez's clutches.

Later, when the Incas and Matt invade Salamanda's headquarters, Rodriguez appears. He gets shot in the arm but he persists in trying to kill Matt. He asks Richard, the journalist, if he wants to die first or second but then he is so busy concentrating on killing them that he doesn't notice when the satellite mast is blown up. It falls on him.

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