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Captain Shears is the main antagonist of the Star Fox manga Farewell, Beloved Falco. He is a treacherous Cornerian army captain who runs a base on Titania that is bent on cloning and reviving Andross.



Captain Shears at first appears to be what you would expect an officer would be when he and Fox McCloud meet up: kind and respectful, though competent, brave, and determined. However, Shears is truly insane. He relished his work in using Andross's DNA so the mad Venomian emperor would rise to his former glory, which Fox and his team attempted to stop after their discovery of Shears was doing in his base. The traitor even went as far as to try to kill Fox for trying to stop him when Fox McCloud and his team found out what Shears was REALLY doing in his base.

Like Andross before him, Shears used a recreated ancient creature called Goras to attack and capture any trespassing outsiders in order to protect his top secret work.

Physical Appearance

Captain Shears slightly resembles General Pepper. He wears glasses, just like General Pepper does in his Star Fox 2 appearance. Captain Shears is brown in color, and his weapon of choice is a rapier, as seen when he and Fox McCloud fight at the manga's climax. He uses a Titania river boar as a steed.


Captain Shears is first seen when the Star Fox Team goes down to the base on Titania upon receiving a distress signal which catches their attention. He and the team introduce themselves to each other politely. Shears requests Star Fox to aid him and his men as they have been having problems with a team that supposedly act in loyalty to Andross's army (When it was actually Falco Lombardi and Katt Monroe‘s gang of space runaways who obtained important information on Shears mysterious work). A misled Fox McCloud proceeded to the ship after Shears identifies it for him, then engaged in combat, but Fox was unable to communicate with his team when Kool breaks Fox's communicators. Falco Lombardi, who conversely mistook Fox for a threat, then engages him in a piloting duel that ends in a draw.

Fox is later scolded by Peppy Hare, whose reasoning for the dogfight was that Falco was a member of the team so he did not deserve to be shot down. Fox reasons that Falco was the one who started the quarrel, at which point Peppy snaps but Slippy resolves the situation. Meanwhile, Shears is worried that the Star Fox Team has failed to catch "Andross's" ship. Shears tells the guards to send Goras after the team, as he wishes for a hostage.

Katt Monroe then gives Fox a yelling for sending Falco crashing, but Kool manages to stifle her fury. She and Fox then examine the data that was taken by the Free-as-a-bird Gang, learning that Shears was trying to revive the dead Andross through cloning.

Fox then returns to the base where Shears was running his operations. The Star Fox team leader confronts Shears, leading to a duel where Shears nearly wins until Fox disarms him. Shears escapes on his steed, but gets smashed flat by the revived Andross.


  • Captain Shears and General Scales are the only Star Fox villains whose names start with a letter that is not A at all.


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