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Your enemy wants you dead, so you have two choices: Kill or be killed. No hesitation, no second thoughts, and no mercy! Never trust your enemy! You can leave all that "peace and love" crap for the college sissies back home! Now, gentlemen, we have a mission tomorrow, are we ready or not?
~ Captain Turner admonishing his soldiers.
I tried to tell you, that it was kill or be killed out here, but you, couldn't, shed your humanity! It distracted you on the mission, it distracted you here, and now you're gonna die!
~ Turner as he is about to kill John Kreese.

Captain George Turner is the posthumous overarching antagonist of The Karate Kid franchise, appearing as the main antagonist of Kreese's flashback arc in the third season of Cobra Kai.

He was a captain of the United States Army during the Vietnam War whose ideals of ruthlessness molded John Kreese into the merciless man he is. While initially respected by Kreese and his fellow soldiers, Turner reveals his true colors when he insists in doing whatever they need to survive, even if that means killing themselves.

He was portrayed by Terry Serpico, who also played Deacon Brinn in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Earl Danzinger in The Purge: Election Year.



Most of Turner's past remains a mystery other than he fought in the Korean War, and was taught by his master Kim Sun-Yung the art of "Tang Soo Do" and obtained the rank of captain at some point.

Season Three

In 1968, George Turner is a captain deployed at a camp in Vietnam where he requests soldier John Kreese to join a squad for a mission against a Viet Cong base. While combat training Kreese for the operation, he takes him down and teaches the squad to never show the opponent any mercy, even if they surrender. As he dismisses them, Turner receives the news that Betsy, Kreese's girlfriend back in America, had died in a car crash while going to visit her grandmother, but withholds it from him as the distraction could cost his life in battle.

During the mission, as the group prepares to bomb the enemy base, Terry "Twig" Silver's radio erupts and gives away their position. Turner orders Kreese to detonate, despite the fact it would kill their soldier "Ponytail", and Kreese refuses, causing them to be captured by the Vietnamese. Turner chastises Kreese for his hesitation as the Vietnamese execute Ponytail in front of them, for which the captain blames John.

The team is held in a North Vietnam POW camp until 1969, where George is forced to fight Silver to the death by their captors, but Kreese volunteers in Terry's stead. George tauntingly informs Kreese of Betsy's death to throw him off focus for the coming fight, leading to to a grievous reaction that indeed nearly causes the Viet Cong to shoot him. The two engage in hand-to-hand combat above a pit of snakes; Turner overpowers Kreese and almost knocks him off, but Kreese stabs him the leg with a piece of wood, giving him the edge to beat Turner and leave him dangling from the walkway.

Just then, the U.S. Air Force arrives to bomb the camp, allowing the soldiers to be set free. No longer needing to fight, Turner demands Kreese pull him up, but John, using Turner's own advice to show no mercy against him, stomps on his hand, making Turner plummet to his death into the pit of serpents.

Even long after his death, Turner had a posthumous effect on Kreese. His harsh ideals and training, coupled with his reveal of Betsy's death, caused Kreese to lose his faith and his compassion as well as turning him ruthless and merciless just like Turner had been. Sometime after the war's end, Kreese opened the Cobra Kai dojo with Silver's help, in which he taught his students, like Johnny Lawrence and his friends, to show no mercy to their enemies and pick on the weakest. Thus, Turner is responsible for turning Kreese into the deranged and emotionless person he is today.


  • Despite never being mentioned in The Karate Kid films and only appearing in Cobra Kai, Captain Turner is the Greater-Scope Villain of The Karate Kid franchise, as he is the one who molded John Kreese into a ruthless and merciless soldier, leading Kreese to open the Cobra Kai dojo and teach his students to be despicable and violent bullies. However, Sid Weinberg was partially responsible too as he mistreated and abused his stepson Johnny Lawrence to the point Johnny sought Kreese to train him.
  • So far, Captain Turner is the only The Karate Kid villain to die onscreen. Sato Toguchi from The Karate Kid Part II died off-screen before the events of Cobra Kai, yet he redeemed himself long before that. Even when Tommy dies during the events of Cobra Kai, he too has redeemed himself and is given a peaceful death.


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