Captain Vargoba is the main antagonist of the season 1 finale arc of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is the captain and the leader of his own space pirates. He first appeared in episode 22 and later defeated and killed by BoBoiBoy Solar in episode 24.


Captain Vargoba and his space pirates are getting ready to head to the Sunnova station. BoBoiBoy and his friends sneak into his ship to get StealthBot. After find out that StealthBot was stolen from him, he decided to chase the gang to get StealthBot back from him, but was foiled by Yaya and the gang get back to the spaceship. But, he tried to pull the spaceship until Ochobot managed to activate his teleportation power to get them away from him.

Later, Captain Vargoba head to the TAPOPS Space Station to get revenge on BoBoiBoy and his friends for stealing StealthBot from him and also kidnap Ochobot to get the teleportation power. The gang are having a fight with him but he managed to defeat them until Fang got his second tier power to defeat him. However, he decided to pull Fang out of him and revealed that he has four arms. He tried to prevent Ochobot from teleport them, but Fang tried to stop him until it got teleported to near at the Sunnova station and BoBoiBoy turned into BoBoiBoy Light to defeat him easily. After saw a Power Sphere on his back, Light decided to pull his Power Sphere out of his back until it was too late and used Steel Armor and his weapons to defeat them. But, Admiral Tarung arrived to defeat him, but he got easily defeated. BoBoiBoy and the rest of the gang managed to defeat him, but Captain Vargoba managed to unleash his ultimate power to defeat them. Then, he decide to finished BoBoiBoy by pushing him up to the from roof to roof until it got sent to space and got frozen. When he is about to capture Ochobot, BoBoiBoy obtained his Solar power back and managed to destroy him once and for all. After the rest of the gang leaving the space station getting destroyed, Captain Vargoba was left alone getting exploded in the station.


  • He shares similiarities with Bora Ra.
  • He is the first BoBoiBoy villain that has four arms.
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