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Captain Vinegar (sometimes spelled as "Captain Vinager") is a notorious vulture and the main antagonist of the 1992 Spanish animated series Delfy and His Friends. He is a troublesome, cantankerous, and argumentative captain who plans to contaminate the sea with his kangaroo assistant named Boing.

He was voiced by Rafael Turia in the cartoon's original language.

Physical Appearance

Vinegar is a brown anthropomorphic vulture who is dressed as a navy captain, including a blue uniform, a lime green shirt, and green shorts.


Vinegar is eventually very notorious in trying to take out get rid of the ocean's inhabitants. He tells his assistant named Boing to create a plan to get rid of the aquatic creatures of the ocean. For example, he is notably notorious in bringing explosives to get rid of the sea creatures by going underwater, but Delfy goes against him, either by tricking him or sensing him from a distance to know that Captain Vinegar and Boing are approaching. What is also worse is when he captures two dogs named Mick and Gigi (the supporting protagonists of the series) as revealed in Episode 15.

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