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Captain Vinh is a supporting antagonist in the 1985 film Rambo: First Blood Part II. He is a Vietnamese army captain who serves as the regional commander of a POW camp under the orders of Lieutenant Colonel Podovsky (the de-facto head of the camp).

He was portrayed by William Ghent.


It was told that former Green Beret John Rambo was imprisoned in the same POW camp during the Vietnam War, which may imply that Vinh had his right-hand man Lieutenant Tay torturing Rambo before the latter escaped. But it was not the case when Rambo was sent back on a failed mission to rescue more POWs after he was betrayed by Ericson and Lifer on the orders of Marshall Murdock.

As such, Vinh had Rambo tortured once again until the arrival of Podovsky, who ordered Rambo to call his base and abandon all rescue operations of all American POWs. However, thanks to a Viet agent named Co Bao, Rambo was able to escape, though Co ends up being killed by Tay.

As such, Vinh orders Tay and their men to search around the jungle and hunt down Rambo. However, Rambo uses his expertise as a Green Beret to take down several of Podovsky's soldiers before luring Vinh and several of his men into a dry wheat field using chicken blood and gasoline. Rambo then lits up a match, setting the entire field on fire, and Vinh and his men end up screaming while being burned to death.


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