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Captain Vladimir is the 3rd ranked assassin in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. He is a Russian cosmonaut and has apparently recently returned to Earth.

Captain Vladimir is an old assassin that wears a old, wore out Cosmonaut suit. He has electric cables on his back.


Captain Vladimir fights in a cosmonaut outfit and with a satellite laser. A lot of stuff happens during the boss fight. Captain Vladimir uses telekensis to move small rocks, he shoots lasers out his helmet, and from space, he teleports to random areas, the sun is slowly rising, and as Captain Vladimir loses health the strange and eerie cables on his back are slowly disappearing, probably meaning that he's regaining his sanity. Vladimir was eventually killed by Travis Touchdown. When Vladimir was killed, a large beam appeared out of his Helmet and destroyed the Satellite Cannon.

After Travis defeats Vladimir, the UAA were about to dispose of Vladimir's body with rocket launchers, but Travis told them to leave him alone and let him be with the earth he loved so much.


  • Captain Vladimir is a possible homage told the Metal Gear Solid Series.
    • He bears a strong resembles towards The Fury in Metal Gear Solid 3
    • Vladimir was also voiced by Paul Eiding who did the voice of Roy Campbell and the Colonel in the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Captain Vladimir is definitely one of the two most unusual assassins in the No More Heroes series, the other one being Matt Helms.
    • There have also been rumors that Captain Vladmir might be a ghost, because after Travis kills him, and after he regains his sanity. And after Vladimir dies, his body started to disappear, until all that remains is his cosmonaut suit.
  • Captain Vladimir is very similar towards Speed Buster from the original No More Heroes.
    • They are both the oldest assassins in the UAA
    • They're both the third ranked assassin
    • They both have a laser themed weapon
    • And Travis can't use Suplexes when he fights with either of them
  • Captain Vladimir, Dr. Letz Shake, and Jasper Batt Jr. 1st and 3rd forms are the only bosses in No More Heroes 2 that Travis can't perform a surplex.
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