Captain Warpclaw is the Corsair captain of The Gutprow, and is a minor antagonist in the Redwall book Outcast of Redwall. He was the last obstacle between Badger Lord Sunflash and his true home of Salamandastron.


Warpclaw was a feared captain who was a barbarian in nature. He was a monster rat, tattooed all over his body, and dressed extravagantly in silks while all his crew and slaves were treated like scum.

Captain Warpclaw terrorized Mossflower Country, and was one of the reasons Salamandastron mountain existed to protect the coast. Warpclaw made a mistake of kidnapping the youngsters of the Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. (Guosim.) The chieftain, Log a Log's, own daughter was stolen. Furious, the Guosim vowed revenge, but were too weak to do so.

Until Sunflash came, that was. Sunflash the Mace was a mighty Badger Lord who had been roving for seasons but was almost near his final destination. Warpclaw was aiming to attack the coast but Sunflash put two immense boulders by the river mouth. As Warpclaw boasted to his crew, his ship hit the rocks.

Warpclaw yelled at Sunflash to help move the rocks and he kicked his bosun overboard in anger. Sunflash said he'd only move the boulders if the rats surrendered their slaves. Warpclaw threatened to kill all his captives if the boulders weren't moved.

The sight of the Corsair almost beheading an infant shrew galvanized Sunflash and he killed all the vermin on the ship, allowing the slaves to be freed. Warpclaw was presumably first to be slain in Sunflash's wrath.


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