Captain Zahab is the leader of the Space Pirates Balban and the main antagonist of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.



After the Demon Beast Daitanix first emerged on his homeworld, Zahab met Barreled Scholar Bucrates, who taught him how to become immortal by the Planet's Life jewels, which were created whenever Daitanix devoured the core of a planet. Attaching his castle to the back of Daitanix, Zahab gathered an army of pirates with the promise of eternal life to ransack worlds and feed them to Daitanix.

Zahab and the rest of the Barban eventually set their sights on Earth. However, though they were repelled by the Gingamen, the chosen protectors of Earth, and the Starbeasts. The Gingamen were victorious over the Barban, with Zahab having his left hand cut off by the original GingaRed, and the Balban were sealed beneath the sea along with Daitanix. He would later replace his severed hand with hook and developed an enmity for all successive GingaReds.


3000 years later, the Balban's seal was broken by an earthquake, freeing Zahab and the Balban to wreak havoc on Earth. However, Daitanix still remained sealed, causing Zahab to offer a fortune to whoever could break the seal.

Following the deaths of all his subordinates, Zahab develops a fierce rage against the Gingaman and attempts to get revenge on them with the Earth Demon Beast. After both his castle and the Earth Demon Beast are destroyed, Zahab attempts to create another Demon Beast, but is confronted by the Gingaman and the Black Knight.

In a climactic battle, Zahab has his Planet's Life jewel destroyed and is finally killed by a combination of the Beast Armor Shine Gingamen's Galaxy War Radiance, the Black Knight's Black Chop and Super Armor Shine GingaRed. This happened after the combined fire attack of Final Chapter: Tomorrow's Legends He is later resurrected by Captain Gregory, only to be killed once again by the Gingamen in the Galaxy Lights armor.

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