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Captain Zanburozu is the main antagonist of episode nine of Cyborg 009, "Satan of the Deep Sea". He is a member of Black Ghost tasked with hunting down and eliminating the 00 cyborgs.


Skull assigned Zanburozu to help Beruku recover 0013's brain. However, his true orders were to eliminate the 00 cyborgs, with Skull planning on Beruku being used as a distraction.

Zanburozu then mocked Beruku for not living up to his family name and paired him up with a new Black Ghost recruit, stating it would be good training for him.

Zanburozu later appeared after Beruku lured the Cyborgs into the Dragon Triangle. Zanburozu fired several torpedoes at the cyborgs' ship, the Dolphin, but the ship was able to dodge them. Zanburozu then contacted Beruku and ordered him to turn on his active sonar, revealing to him that Skull had no faith in him.

When the 00 cyborgs snuck up behind him, Zanburozu ordered his crew to fire all their torpedoes at the Dolphin. However, the resulting explosions of torpedoes awoke as massive octopus mutated from reckless experimentation. The mutated creature drained all of the power from the ship.

The Black Ghost trainee aboard Beruku's ship attempted to assist Zanburozu, but accidentally hit the "Boost" button, causing the salvage ship to fly into and destroy Zanburozu's ship.


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