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The Captain of the Guard (whose real name is Robert) is a human active in 994 A.D. and one of the pre-modern antagonists of the gargoyles in the animated Disney series Gargoyles.

He was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert.


The Captain resented the way his fellow humans were treating the gargoyles of Castle Wyvern and grew more and more embittered towards the blatant prejudice until he started to relate much more to gargoyles than humans. Sadly, this misguided loyalty would be his downfall as the Captain's attempts to aid the gargoyles ultimately led to their destruction.

Forming an alliance with Demona and Hakon, the Captain betrayed his own people and arranged for the Vikings to storm the castle, trying to lure the gargoyles away, but failing due to Goliath's desire to keep the clan at Castle Wyvern to protect the humans (despite the cruelty they had inflicted on him).

As a result, the Captain panicked and had Hakon attack the castle during the day. Hakon and his men then proceeded to massacre the gargoyles as they slept in stone and the Captain was visibly horrified by the actions but dared not interfere - watching as the very creatures he had tried to help were literally shattered before his eyes.

When Goliath returned to the Castle and learnt of the Captain's betrayal, the Captain tried to explain his actions, but Hakon tried to incriminate him for the crime. This caused him to fly into a rage and fight with Hakon, and in the resulting battle, both the Captain and Hakon fell from a cliff to their demise.

However the Captain's ghost would return centuries later, locked in combat with Hakon and fueled by both the hatred of his enemy and his own self-loathing for what he had done. When Goliath arrived at their haunting ground, the two old enemies made a temporary alliance and attacked the gargoyle.

Yet, in the end, the Captain could not bare to inflict any more pain on Goliath than he already had, and once again fought against Hakon, redeeming himself and thus earning his spirit freedom from the curse that had kept it bound to this world.


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