The Caraib Ghost Saints, where saints with no constellation that was expelled from the Sanctuary and lived in the Makai Island, in the Caribbean where they did piracies and crimes, like steal of ships with their superhuman power. When Saga assumed the papacy, promised to forgive to these Ghost Saints in exchange to bring the helmet of Sagittarius Cloth to the Sanctuary.

"Caraib Ghost Saint" is not a class of Saint, but is a gang ofpresentations made by the current members. All the members are related to aquatic beings (the main 3 are excellent swimmers), but Geisty is related to Shaina (snakes).


Is the leader of these saints, but is the most noble among them, probably because she lived as Shaina stepsister, and also because this, she has the same skills of Shaina. She lives in a castle on the Makai Island and use a mask, so, she even is being a sinner saint, follow the mask law.

Was defeated by Seiya.

Sea Serpent

Is a saint that have a slippery body and cloth, so, the majority of contact attacks were slides of by the body. He was defeated by Seiya with Hyoga's help.


Is a saint that has an aerial attack that he uses a dash in the floor course. He was defeated by Shiryu.


Is a saint that with his tentacles can electrocute the enemy. He was defeated by Seiya when Shun uses his chain to hold him, so, he was electrocuted.

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