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I clean streets of garbage like you every day!
~ CCPD Officer

The Carcer City Police Department are an antagonistic faction in the controversial stealth/horror game Manhunt.

Voice Actors

  • John Henry Cox
  • Dennis Ostermaier
  • Gary Littman
  • Hunter Platin


After James Earl Cash flees from Darkwoods Penitentiary, Ramirez is sent out to hunt Cash down, only to fail and perish. Lionel Starkweather then contacts Gary Schaffer, the chief, to get his men to capture Cash and the Journalist. Thus, the officers swarm the streets to hunt for Cash, presuming he is a hobo.

After killing the patrol, they guard the subway while also putting snipers on the roofs. After this fails, they get assistance from the SWAT to further guard the subway. This fails at first as Cash takes the subway to the train yard, but the SWAT force corners him, Cerberus exterminate the SWAT, and take Cash to Starkweather.

After Cash escapes the city, it is likely that the few alive officers were arrested if any of them were alive, and then replaced by the city's new team of police officers.


The CCPD are Carcer City's police. However, the police force is corrupt to the core, allowing Starkweather to continue his deeds though bribes, selling drugs, and attacking the homeless. However, despite their corruption, the police officers are shown to care about each other. They will be angered if they discover the body of one of their fellow cops, and attempt to defy Lionel Starkweather's orders and kill Cash for killing so many of them.



  • Lionel Starkweather
  • Gary Schaffer


  • James Earl Cash
  • The Journalist



  • Besides the SWAT, the CCPD are the only hunters in Manhunt to not wear masks or face paint as part of their outfit.
  • The models of the CCPD officers and SWAT are reused from Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, but with a few noticeable changes so they aren't seen as the exact same.
  • Cash kills a total of 67 CCPD Officers in the three missions they appear in.

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