Cardians (sometimes called "Monsters of the Day" or "Monsters of the Week") are minions who serve Alan and Ann in Sailor Moon R.


The Cardians appeared in almost every episode of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R arc involving the 2 aliens Alan and Ann. They are minions of the same 2 extraterrestial beings who were sent out to collect energy. Cardians are kept inside cards until Alan and Ann choose to summon them. They have also only limited speech and are not articulate, incapable of speaking aside from repeating their name, or short forms of it, reflecting on their subhuman and/or bestial facades.

They often fought against the Senshi (Sailor Scouts), although they were defeated relatively easily. To summon them, Alan would hold up several cards, and Ann would pick one. The card would then rise into the air and Alan would play a tune on his flute to cause the Cardian to come alive.

Upon their defeat, the Cardians yelled "Cleansing!" before reverted back to its card form, drops onto the ground and then vanishes into the air, leaving only the blank card.


  • EPISODE 47 - Vampire
  • EPISODE 48 - Minotauron
  • EPISODE 49 - Falion
  • EPISODE 50 - Hell Ant
  • EPISODE 51 - Reci
  • EPISODE 52 - Gigaros
  • EPISODE 53 - Amaderasu
  • EPISODE 54 - Seiren
  • EPISODE 55 - Utonberino
  • EPISODE 56 - Bipierrot
  • EPISODE 57 - Amanju
  • EPISODE 58 - Yamadakka



  • All of them were females in the original anime, while in the Dic dub two cardians had their genders changed to males.
  • In the original English dub, the Cardians were part of the Dark Kingdom. But unlike other agents of Dark Kingdom, Cardians never disguised themselves as humans to gain an advantage.