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Cosimo Trebaldi

Cardina Cosimo Trebaldi is main antagonist in Franco Belgian comic book Le Scorpion.

He is an ambitious cardinal who latter becomes a Pope and starts reign of terror in Rome.


Cosimo is one of three sons of Horacio Trebaldi. During his youth, Cosimo was in love with Madlene Catalan, a beautiful young woman who was raped by his father and head of Trebaldi family in order to produce male heir for Trebaldi, since Cosimo was unable to produce child.

This left psycological mark on Cosimo's mind, who was certain child was his. He went to Madlenes house, and in rage he atempted to toss newborn child into fire place. Madlene stoped him, but during quarell, baby was droped on floor and touched heathed iron of fire place with his shoulder and got the infamous mark of devil.

Cosimo told the Inquisition about baby mark and Madlene was arrested, tortured on rack and latter burnt on public square in front of masses.

The Inquisiton's mercenaries tired to drown baby during the night in river, but they were stoped and killed by Madlene's father and baby grandfather.

Years latter Cosimo now achieved high position in Roman Chatolic church. He was ministery of religion. On his high position he asembled his Warrior Monks with captain Roshnan, his right hand man in charge of dirty work. Slowly Cosimo begins eliminating oponents among clergy.

Cosimo's plan was to restore power of nine noble families from Ancient Roman time(among whome are Trebaldis). He also got obsesed with idea to murder Madlene's son, now grown man Armando Catalano, a treasure hunter whos alias is Scorpio.

Trebaldi arange with Roshan to stage murder of present Pope, and than with fake Corss of St Peter he aquire votes amongs Cardinal and become new Pope.

His archnemesis and borther Scorpio sets on jurney into Holy land in search of real Corss with Gypsy girl Mejai who was hired by Trebaldi to kill scorpio, but turned sides, and Scorpio's right hand man Aristotel the Husar.

In Holy land Scorpio is chased by Ottoman police and Roshan. Mejai finds member of Teutonic order Gottfried who posess the secret where Templars hid the Corss. Gottfired is latted captured by Roshnan and totrtured. He revealed that Corss is in fortress of Sen Serak. There Scorpio and Roshan fight and Roshan reveals himself that his body is covered by marks of punishemnt. In the duel he dies. The real Corss of St Peter is destroyed by dying Gottfired.

Latter on Scorpio returns into the Rome. Trebaldi thinks Roshan has finished the job and that Scorpio is killed.Trebaldi organise a Bal where a French ambasador promisses Trebaldi gold as support  in from French king. Scorpio and Husar dressed as Warrion Monks ambush the wagon with gold. Trebali now was unable to  pay his Monks,so he goes to jail and hires ill men promising them blesing before death. 

Trebaldis borther Nelio with his three friend decides that he should  kill Cosimo. In final confrontation it is than reviled in front of Horacio that Scorpio is his son and brother of Cosimo and Nelio Trebaldi.

Scorpio run away. Latter a mysterius man kill both Horacio and Cosimo Trbebaldi.


Cosimo is harsh and formal man. When comes to his affairs, he can be very brutal. It can be noticed, that he was much better man during his youth and his love affair with Magdalena. The truth that Magdalena son isn't his, but his father was turning point in Cosimo's life. In his older days as Cardinal and Pope, he can be seen as bitter, brutal and somehow Machiavelistic man, that has subdued all his life and interest in his plan of restoring power of nine families and his own family power. However from later development of story, we can see that Trebaldi is a man that carries great burden and has regreted some thing from his past all his life. Also he is a Cardinal and latter becomes Pope, he said one of his subordinants, that there is no God and there was no resurrection of Jesus Christ, but there is only this wonderful institution of Roman Catholic Church, that stood there for centuries. That show that he is not a true beliver, but that he is more of pragmatic and likes authority which is presented in form of Church. We can see also that in some moments, Trebaldy tries not to do bad things, influenced by bad things he did in past, like when he tries to hit Mejaji with the whip, he was stopped by memory of how he whipped his beloved Magdalena. That shows us that in he maybe view himself from his youth as a coward, and that now he tries to act in better manner. Also his words to Scorpio, his own brother and child of Magdalena, that he regrets of what happens all his life, and that there was not a day that he did not regreted Magdalena's fate, show us what Trebaldi is in true nature.


During his youth, Cosimo had long black hair, a more rounder face and he had moustache. In his older days, he has more bonnier face, with gray hair and gray mustache and goatee. He always wears his Cardinal and Pope attire.


  • Cosimo Trebaldi, even as a villain, can be understanded, since he had a tragic past that shaped his life as villain. He had a tragic love, was victim of his ambicion father who favours his younger brother Neo and was under the pressure of Church.
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