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~ Carface Carruthers

Carface Carruthers is a recurring antagonist of the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise. He is the main antagonist of the first film, the secondary antagonist of the second film, an anti-hero of the TV series, and the protagonist of the third and final film An All Dogs Christmas Carol. He is a former criminal who was Charlie's former business partner and former arch-nemesis.

In All Dogs Go to Heaven, he was voiced by the late Vic Tayback. In the rest of the franchise, starting with All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, he was voiced by the late Ernest Borgnine, who also portrayed Mr. Firat in The Double McGuffin.


Carface is a vicious and unhinged businessman who says that his friends must be dealt with in a "friendly and businesslike way".

In the first film, he is at his most evil condition, and is murderous, like when he killed his former business partner, Charlie by running a car over him. He often tries to have his sidekick, Killer, killed but manages to convince himself not to each time. He is extremely cruel, ruthless and argumentative, so he often cares nothing for Killer and at one point tortures him by tying him in a sack and lowering him into a piranha-infested water chamber upside down. When his henchmen also fail a mission when they are away, he calls them "morons", and in the final battle, he viciously attacks Charlie and (at one point) tries to kill him by drowning him, until King Gator intervenes and finishes off the pit bull (likely through eating him). Furthermore, he shows that he doesn't care about Ann-Marie at all as despite claiming that he "loves" her while he's scolding Killer for letting her escape, he clearly only sees her as a pawn.

In the second film, Carface is now reduced to the secondary antagonist, where he is now a comic relief character without the darker side in the first film. He is now less intelligent, less evil, and is now very cowardly (probably due to his manner of death in the first film), threatened, pusillanimous, reluctant, and nervous. Nonetheless, his selfishness and greed still remained when he told Red that when they get Gabriel's Horn, they could open any safe or bank shop in the world, and he still had his occasional evil laugh. One could say that the reason he doesn't appear to be as evil is that while he's still a threat, Red's power made him submissive.

In the TV series, he is now more of an anti-hero than an actual villain.

In the final film, he is now merely cold-hearted and miserly, until he reforms to turn against Belladonna.


Carface is an obese gray American Pit Bull Terrier/Bulldog hybrid who usually walks on all fours. His stature suggests that he has clubfoot because whilst other dogs walk with their front paws in front, Carface's are turned in slightly as seen in a close up and a scene when he is about to kill Killer when he is sitting.


Often Carface is seen wearing a purple (sometimes pink) shirt with its sleeves always rolled up, a black vest, and a light green bowtie. In a scene in the first film, where he is shouting at Killer, he accessorizes. In this scene, he wears an old racing helmet with goggles and in a later scene with a ray gun, he wears a dark-green military helmet.

In All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, he first wears an angel shirt with a ring on top. On his way to earth for the horn, even after he lands to San Francisco, he still wears the same clothing but during "It Feels So Good to be Bad" his fur is cut off by a barber's knife and all he wears is his underwear which gets cut by a pair of scissors. Later on he gets dressed into a pink devil costume but later on gets his traditional suit as well his fur back. In the series his shirt changes to pink but in the christmas special it goes back to purple.


  • All in all, Carface is a recurring antagonist in the franchise, despite being The Heavy and serving Red and Belladonna, the ones behind the plots of the second and third movies as well as the on and off antagonist of the series.
  • The way Carface walks on all fours suggests he has clubfoot because whilst the other dogs walk with their paws in front of them, Carface's front paws are turned slightly inward.
  • His name could possibly be a reference to Al Capone's nickname "Scarface", which is also the name of one of his henchmen in the Mean Street Dogs.
  • Carface is Vic Tayback's penultimate film role before his death in May 25, 1990.
  • Carface shares some similarities to Madame Medusa from the Disney film The Rescuers. They both kidnap a female orphan for their own selfish reasons: Penny for the Devil's eye, Anne-Marie for her ability to speak to animals. They both try to kill the film's protagonists (Carface succeeds in killing Charlie), they are both verbally abusive to their captors, they both have bumbling henchmen, and both are finished off by crocodilians. The only real difference aside from Carface redeeming himself is that Carface's abuse of Anne-Marie isn't as horrible as Medusa's.
  • Carface serves as a dark parallel to Charlie. They are both selfish dogs who love money, use Anne-Marie for their own personal gain, and have a dog as their sidekick (Itchy for Charlie, Killer for Carface). However, Charlie was a benevolent boss and was loving and protective to Anne-Marie while Carface only wanted her for money. Also, Charlie apologized to Anne-Marie for his selfishness while Carface showed no remorse for his actions. If Charlie had not met Anne-Marie and learned to sacrifice himself, he would've ended up like Carface.
  • In An All Dogs Christmas Carol, despite the fact that Carface saves the world from destroying the giant whistle and foiling Belladonna's plans, Carface is not fully reformed. Though he acts much nicer to Charlie, Itchy, Sasha, and especially Timmy, he still somewhat abuses Killer by whipping him like a reindeer and almost punching him, preventing Killer from hugging him. He even says to Charlie, Itchy, and Sasha to not expect his reformed behavior to last very long as he still has a business to run at the curio shop.


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