"You told your father everything. Put this entire plan in jeopardy. Good thing for you the old man could keep his mouth shut better than you. Oh, come on. Don't look so shocked. We had to monitor everybody who knew. How do you think we kept it a secret for so long?"
~ Carl Anheuser to Dr. Helmsley before leaving Washington D.C.

Carl Anheuser is the main antagonist in the film 2012. He is the White House Chief of Staff, and later the de facto President of the United States after the real President's demise in Washington, D.C. He tries to keep the 2012 disaster as a secret from the world in order to prevent a massive panic, and believes that only the most important and richest people should board the arks created by the G-8.

He was portrayed by Oliver Platt, who also portrayed Harvey in Beethoven, Apollo in Gods Behaving Badly, and High Priest in Year One.

Role in 2012

Since the discovery of the world's ending in 2009, Anheuser decided to take over the international media to assure the secret would never be told, getting to the point of killing anyone who tried to "open their mouths" to the public, including the Louvre's curator, when he died in the same tunnel Princess Diana was killed. Anheuser did not stop, however, and kept the operation on the run, constantly dealing with Dr. Adrian Helmsley's pleas to warn the world, but refusing to do so. After Los Angeles sinks into the Pacific, Yellowstone Park literally blows up, and the president decides to stay and warn the world population, Anheuser finally snaps and decides to take leadership of the United States (it is worth noticing that, meanwhile, the movie's protagonist, Jackson Curtis, and his family, are surviving disaster after disaster while heading to China, where the arks are). After learning that Earth's crust is moving again, Anheuser goes to China along with Helmsley and the rest of the government to save his life. However, Jackson reaches the arks and saves his family (losing Gordon and Yuri along the way), while Helmsley convinces the G-8 leaders to let the remaining population get inside the arks. However, a jackhammer jams the gears of one of the arks, which causes it to start flooding due to the worldwide megatsunami (drowning Tamara in the process). Jackson then goes to free the gears, while Anheuser can only watch while their ark goes into collision course with Mount Everest. Jackson frees the gears in the nick of time, saving the ark and everybody aboard, causing Anheuser to repent for his actions. Anheuser does not appear after the incident, but he is presumably deposed from his position after trying to prevent the rest of Earth from boarding the arks.


  • Despite being arrogant and an elitist, Anheuser wanted to guarantee the survival of the human race, even if it mainly consisted of the highest and most influent members of mankind. His strong will and ability not to be manipulated by emotions made him a better choice to organise the survival of the human race than Dr. Adrian Helmsley.
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