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Carl Buford (later changed name to Mohammed Alam) is a pedophile (later serial killer) who appeared as the villain in the season 2 episode of Criminal Minds "Profiler Profiled" and would later reappear in the season 8 episode "Restoration".

He was portrayed by Julius Tennon.



Carl worked at the Upward Youth Center in Chicago, Illinois, which had earned him several awards due to his work with children. However behind his friendly demeanor he was in fact a pedophile and sex offender, who molested over 50 children, with one of them being future BAU Agent Derek Morgan (whom Carl helped get his record expunged). Like other victims Morgan would keep the abuse a secret.

Season 2

In December 1991 and 2002 respectively Carl murdered two boys. He killed a third boy named Damien Walters in 2006. Then-Chicago Detective Stan Gordinski, who had been antagonizing Morgan for years after arresting him during a brawl, arrests him again, this time on suspicion of all three murders. The BAU are called to Chicago in order to help out Morgan and prove his innocence. Morgan manages to escape his cell to go and confront Carl.

Carl is confronted by Morgan, but tries to brush off the past sexual abuse by claiming that Morgan is relying on false memories and that the statue of limitations prevents Carl from being arrested. However the confrontation and Carl's confession is overheard and he is arrested by Gordinski.

Season 8

6 years later, Carl has now changed his name to Mohammed Alam and converted to Islam whilst inside prison, in order to avoid people knowing the truth about his past. When four-middle aged men are murdered with the phase "Look up to the sky" left behind in at least two of the crime scenes, Morgan makes a connection and decides to visit Carl in prison. Morgan wants the names of Carl's past abuse victims, however Carl isn't willing but ends up changing his mind when Morgan threatens to disclose the information on why Carl has been locked up. Although Carl complies, he leaves out several names from the list.

The unsub is identified as one of Carl's former victims Rodney Harris, whom Carl left off the list. Carl and other inmates watch the news conference on the case, in which Morgan is asked on TV whether or not all the victims have turned to crime, which Morgan replies no. When an inmate questions Carl about his former name he confirms that he is the molester being described in the conference, and admits that he "loves" Morgan.

Later Carl is attacked and killed by inmates.