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You think you're safe? I'm coming for you, mate!
~ Carl White swearing revenge against Ian Beale.

Carl White is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. He was one of the two main antagonists of 2013 and the posthumous antagonist in 2014.

He was a despicable ex-con who was formerly associated with established character Derek Branning. His storylines have included planning to usurp control of the Mitchell Family criminal empire, causing a car accident that hospitalized local hardman Phil Mitchell, attempting to frame Derek's brother Max Branning for the attempted murder of Phil, harrasing Max's ex-wife Kirsty Branning over their past relationship, blackmailing Phil and Max's sworn enemy Ian Beale into working for him, beating up Ian's son Peter in retaliation for trying to stand up to him, kidnapping Phil's former lover Shirley Carter, and seducing Phil's cousin Roxy Mitchell.

On New Year's Day 2014, Carl was killed off after coming into conflict with Roxy's sister Ronnie Mitchell; the climax of his reign of villainy saw Carl attempted to rape Ronnie, who eventually murdered him by slamming the boot of the door car onto him in response to this.

The character was portrayed by Daniel Coonan.


Carl White first appeared when he meets Bianca Butcher at her house after being telephoned to meet her, albeit it turned out to be a misinterpretation as she originally thought that Carl's number had belonged to her father David Wicks. Soon enough, Bianca learns that Carl was a friend of Derek Branning, whom he later finds out to have died almost a year ago, and that he soon claims to know his daughter Alice Branning. He visits Alice, who gives him the box that contained the phone number, which Alice says was found by Ian Beale. However. Bianca's friend Kat Moon is already aware of Carl's deception and warns Bianca and Alice about him. Carl later visits Ian, who denies knowing Derek, and slowly deduces that he previously took £10,000 from the box that Derek owed him. The next day, Carl sees his ex-girlfriend, Kirsty Branning, who says she is now married and pregnant, and he has no reason to stay. At the restaurant, Carl makes Ian confess to taking his money, and tells Ian to pay him £500 a week for a possible future between them. He then tells Kirsty he is not leaving. Ian soon realizes the situation between Carl and Kirsty, so he threatens to tell Kirsty about Carl's blackmail. In response, Carl burns Ian's hand before warning him not to mess with him again.

Derek's estranged son Joel Branning catches Carl dealing drugs in the nightclub, R&R and informs Derek's younger brother Max Branning about this. Later on Max confronts Carl about his dodgy business, along with his relationship with Kirsty - who coincidentally turns out to be Max's bigamous wife. A conflict promptly intensifies between them and soon enough Max gets provoked into calling the police under the brief that Carl had Kirsty virtually mugged by his brother Adam White. When being questioned, Carl falsely appears to have no drugs when being checked in front of Kirsty. Upon managing get one over his rival, Carl makes it clear to Max that he intends to ruin his marriage to Kathy.

To further sabotage Max and his business, Carl cuts the brakes on his car and offers to take Max's associate Phil Mitchell for a drive; it soon turns out that Carl also wishes to get one over Phil, the square's local hardman, after attempting to muscle his business in the Mitchell empire to no avail. Under the guise of taking Phil en route to a meet-up, Carl takes off Phil's seatbelt before deliberately crashing the car into a car park - critically injuring Phil as a result. While Phil is hospitalized, Carl takes the opportunity to frame Max for cutting the brakes and also forces Ian to become a false witness under the pretense of cancelling the debt. Max is arrested and released on bail, until Carl goads him into attacking him - and Max is remanded in custody. Carl later forces Max to break up with Kirsty by threatening to harm his eldest daughter, Lauren, unless he follows his instructions; Max reluctantly complies in order to protect both Lauren and her young sister Abi from any potential threats Carl may use against them.

At somepoint, Carl plans to usurp control of Phil's criminal empire while he is in hospital. This is instantly challenged by Phil's ex-fiancé Shirley Carter, who soon disappears under mysterious circumstances. Carl attempts to reconcile with Kirsty but she rejects him. However, she later approaches him and they have sex - but he sees her stealing £1000 from him the next morning. On the day of Max's trial, Ian fails to turn up and Max is released without charge - much to Carl's fury. When Phil is discharged, he and Max team up to deal with Carl before learning about Ian's involvement. They confront Ian and persuade him to lure Carl into a trap. Ian does this by encountering Carl, who chases him down the square until Ian reaches the rendezvous point - where Phil and Max are waiting for them. Phil and Max kidnap Carl in the van and tell Ian to go home. As Ian complies, both Phil and Max take Carl to the quarry to execute him. Phil offers Max the chance to kill him; Max declines and leaves, so Phil prepares to kill him instead until Carl implies that he caused harm to Shirley and knows where she is. He leads Phil to a block of run-down flats where Shirley is staying with her sister, Tina Carter. It turns out that Carl had threatened Shirley to stay away from Walford or he would harm Phil's family. Carl leaves, but Phil confronts him later. Carl declares that he has contacts inside prison who can harm his son if Phil does anything to him. Carl then tells Max that he had sex with Kirsty while he was in prison, leading to Max ending his relationship with Kirsty.

The conflict between Carl and Phil resumes following the jilted wedding between Phil's cousin Roxy Mitchell and her former husband Alfie Moon, due to Alfie's love for his ex-wife and true love Kat Slater. In the follow-up of Roxy's jilted wedding, Carl flirts with her and takes her out on a date where she gets drunk in the end. Roxy soon insists to Carl that she is not interested in him, but she later waits outside his new flat and they have sex when he comes back. Carl's romantic affections for Roxy is discovered by her older sister Ronnie Mitchell, who disapproves of their relationship upon learning about his role behind Phil's recent hospitalization. Ronnie later confronts Carl, who attempts to attack her after learning that she tried to split him and Roxy up from the start. In the end, Ronnie knocks Carl unconscious by hitting him over the head with a champagne bottle. Ronnie then alerts Phil, and together the pair tie-up Carl in Phil's garage. Phil plans to kill Carl for good until Ronnie insists that she will take care of him.

When Phil leaves them on their own, though, Carl regains consciousness and is confronted by Ronnie once more. She orders him to leave Walford and never return, but Carl refuses and attempts to rape Ronnie to the point where he forcefully kisses her. This proves to be his fatal mistake; when Carl drops his guard, Ronnie slams the boot of Phil's car onto Carl's head - killing him instantly. Thereafter she covers up his murder by having the car crushed with his body inside.

Later on, Ronnie tells Roxy and Phil about how she killed Carl after he tried to rape her; the pair would later tell the truth to Derek and Max's brother Jack Branning, who is also Ronnie's husband and the father of Roxy's baby Amy. Soon enough Phil tells his lover Sharon Watts the truth about Carl's murder when she questions him about their recent quarrel. It is then Phil, upon being asked by Sharon if he is hiding any more secrets other than Carl's murder, proceeds to confess to Sharon that he is partially responsible behind the previous death of her adopted brother-turned-late husband Dennis Rickman; in the past, Phil partly caused Dennis' death by provoking him into attacking their gangland enemy Johnny Allen for throttling Sharon and killing Dennis' mobster friend Andy Hunter - which consequently led to Johnny ordering his henchmen Danny Moon to kill Dennis that same night. Despite being angry with Phil for this revelation, Sharon later forgives him and agrees to keep the truth of Carl's murder secret from public knowledge. Eventually though Ronnie is arrested for Carl's murder, but is released when the extent of Carl's dodgy activities are exposed - leaving both his brother Adam and their mother Nora utterly devastated by the consequences behind their loss.


  • Daniel Coonan (the actor who played Carl White) was nominated for the "Villain of the Year" award at the 2014 British Soap Awards ceremony.