Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard is the secondary antagonist in the TV animated series Yin Yang Yo!.

He was voiced by Jamie Watson.


Carl continuously schemes to defeat Yin, Yang, Master Yo and the power of the Woo Foo with his insecure genius. He also lives with his overbearing mother Edna, who is a dragon. Carl is always trying to find a way to impress his face and out-do his brother Herman. Despite the differences between Carl and Herman, they have worked together on occasion, making a deadly force against Yin and Yang. It was shown in the episode "Mission Yinpossible" that his heart's desire was for his mother to love him more than Herman (even though he himself believed that it was to rule the world), but after realizing how she was suffocating him with love, he no longer yearns for it. A bit of a priss, it was shown in "Get Off My Back" that he is an excellent cook, and a great groomer.

Carl seems to have a thing for blocking out a Sun anywhere as shown is Episodes like An Inconvenient Tooth, Too Much Yangformation and Yin Yang You! (which is accurate for a cockroach, as most cockroaches hate the sunlight). His idea was stolen from Herman and the Night Master himself, which still irritates him to this day. In "Cat Smash Fever", Carl seems to have created an Ad that reads "Deseprate Cockroach Seeks Soulmate", in which he even admits was desperate.

Powers and Abilities

Carl has displayed sorcery on many occassions. Carl is stronger than Yin and Yang in power, but if someone criticizes him, he easily loses focus. Such an example could be seen in "Night Fall", where he was able to wipe out a good portion of the Night Master's Army all by himself. It is revealed in Yin Yang Carl that he could defeat Herman in a fight (Master Yo demonstrated this while he was in Carl's body and acquired his powers).



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