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Carla Delgado is Victor and Ash Delgado’s daughter and one of the main antagonists of Elena of Avalor.

She is voiced by Myrna Velasco, who is also notable for voicing CJ Hook and Torra Doza on Star Wars Resistance.


Carla has long brown hair which she ties in a milkmaid braid, purple eyes, and honey skin. When first introduced, she wore a yellow dress, a green necklace and earrings, and an orange ribbon braided in her hair. When she is turned into a Malvago, her outfit changes into a purple robe with a spider design on the front, back, and sleeves, her necklace and earrings become purple, and her hair ribbon turns purple too.


Carla is extremely ruthless, not caring who she hurts to achieve her goals. Being a teenager, she also frequently shows the awkwardness that can accompany being at that age, plus other signs of immaturity such as a bad temper, and is also very spoiled. Despite her flaws and maliciousness, Carla does care about her family, as she is loyal to her father, joins her mother in a loving embrace when they are reunited, and expresses delight over her parents being together again.

After her father Victor is turned into stone by her mother Ash, Carla cries over his petrified body and refuses to go with her, effectively disowning her. As she is being arrested again, Carla sadly tells Elena that she thought her mother cared about her and her father, but she was wrong; this not only proves Carla's capacity for maturity, but helps her and Elena relate to each other (Elena having been wrong about her cousin Esteban) despite them being enemies. She even begs Elena to restore her father, promising she'll do whatever Elena asks.


Carla first appears in "King of the Carnaval" when she and her father arrive at Avalor Palace to steal the Crown Jewels of Avalor. After getting Elena to show them the Royal Treasury of Avalor, Carla steals the key from a sentry and gives it to her father. As per the plan, Carla keeps the Royal Family distracted by helping them with their Carnaval Float. After Victor blackmails Chancellor Esteban into helping them, Carla is surprised when it's Elena who comes out with the jewels. Victor has Esteban get them back and Victor takes control of the float to give the Royal Family a bumpy ride. When Esteban comes back with the jewels, Carla notes that Esteban doesn't have the tiara to which Esteban explains that Elena's wearing it. Victor tells Carla to get rid of the others which she does by unhooking the float. Carla then takes the tiara from Elena who Victor imprisons along with Esteban. However, their escape is stalled by the Carnaval Parade long enough for Elena and Esteban to initiate a chase. They are soon apprehended by the Avalorans and banished from Avalor forever by Elena. However, Victor assures her they will find a way to return for the tiara.

She returned in Realm of the Jaquins alongside her father, who is now helping Shuriki in her plot to re-conquer Avalor. Between "The Jewel of Maru" and "Royal Rivalry", Carla, along with Victor becomes a wanted criminal. In "A Spy in the Palace" Shuriki gives Carla a potion to make her look like a stranger. Following their plans, Carla takes the name Rita and pretends to be Armando's 'cousin'. She tries to sabotage Naomi's festival planning. She tries to make off with Queen Lucia's Carnaval tiara again but fails. However, she does not get caught, staying in the palace under her Rita guise and awaiting the next opportunity to steal the tiara.

Vìctor and Carla are turned into malvagos by Fiero in "The Race for the Realm" and continue to serve Shuriki until her death in "Song of the Sirenas". They are reunited with Carla's mother Ash Delgado in "Snow Place Like Home", with Carla ecstatic that they have become a happy family again.

In "Naomi Knows Best", Victor, Ash, and Carla set up a trap for Elena by having a brainwashed King Joaquín write a forged letter to her, lying that Victor and Carla have been captured in his kingdom. Once Elena arrives there with Esteban and Mateo, Ash reveals herself and imprisons Esteban, Mateo, and Joaquín in a cell. She and her family plan to extract the magic inside Elena into the Scepter of Night's jewel, which will kill her, and use a spell on Elena that forces her to go with them. Gabe and Naomi ambush them, but Ash is easily able to defeat them and plans to have Carla perform the magical spell with her, as she is a more powerful malvago than Victor, much to Victor's frustration, whom Ash entrusts with guarding the cells.

By the evening, Ash and Carla have tied up Elena aboard a ship, and once the full moon arrives, they begin performing the spell. When she hears a noise, Carla goes outside to check, where Mateo, Naomi, and Gabe defeat her and steal her tamborita. Mateo also manages to destroy the Scepter of Night's jewel before Ash can finish performing the spell. Ash tries to blast Mateo, but he is able to shield himself and Carla from her attack. In spite of her failure and the loss of her and Carla's tamboritas, Ash escapes with Carla by jumping into the water below. Carla is unwilling to leave Victor (who had been imprisoned for his crimes) behind, but Ash assures her that they'll come back for him eventually.

In "Sister of Invention", she gets to meet her mother's mentor: Zopilote, who gives the two of them a puzzle map to Takaina, where they can have access to extremely powerful magical artifacts. Afterwards, in "To Save a Sunbird", Carla gets frustrated with her mother's efforts to solve the puzzle map to Takaina and attempts to rescue her father herself, but fails and gets imprisoned in the dungeon of Avalor Castle with him.

In "The Magic Within", Carla is reunited with Ash once more when she gets captured upon her arrival to Takaina. When Esteban's betrayal is revealed, he gets imprisoned in a cell near the one containing Carla and her parents. Ash and Carla mock Esteban, but he is confident his family will forgive him. When this does not happen and Esteban is sentenced to banishment after the carnaval parade, he escapes from the dungeon by tricking Higgins into unknowingly giving him the key before distracting him. Following his escape, Esteban refuses to help the Delgados, but Ash reminds him that he needs them because he won't stand a chance against Elena and Mateo.

Once the Delgados and Esteban are all free from the dungeon, Esteban gives Carla and her parents back their tamboritas by sneaking into the treasury room and taking them. The four of them escape the palace, but Elena, who found out about what happened and is now chasing them, panics and her magic unintentionally causes an avalanche that knocks Carla and Esteban off a cliff. Though Carla nearly falls to her death, Ash saves her but shows significantly less concern for her safety than Victor (who was unable to save Carla due to his tamborita being destroyed), while Esteban manages to climb back up. Victor refuses to go with Ash over fear for Carla's safety, resulting in her turning him into stone, which leaves Carla heartbroken. In tears of rage and anguish, Carla refuses to go with her mother, though Esteban does over fear for what she would do to him if he doesn't.

Afterwards, Carla and a petrified Victor are captured by Mateo, Gabe, and other guards. When asked about what happened to Victor, Carla solemnly reveals what her mother did and states she thought she loved her and her father, but she was wrong. Elena expresses sympathy for Carla, stating she knows how it feels to be wrong about family (with Esteban). Carla begs Elena to save Victor, saying she'll do anything Elena asks, although Elena simply tells Carla she will deal with her later as Carla is led back to Avalor Palace so she can be put back in the dungeon.

In "Captain Mateo", Doña Paloma states that the only reason Carla was captured is because she gave up. In "Spirit of a Wizard", Ash tells Esteban he needs to get Elena back for what she did to Carla.

She returns in "The Lightning Warrior". Together with her father Victor after he is restored to flesh and blood after being petrified by Ash some time ago, Elena gives the two a chance to redeem themselves for their past crimes with Shuriki, Fiero, and Ash by helping her with a mission to free an ancient Maruvian princess, she and her father reformed and became new members of Elena's squad. They are no longer Malvogos at this point.

In "Coronation Day", Victor and Carla show up when Elena and her friends are about to go off and confront Ash's villainous group, declaring their intention to come along. Elena asks them if they are sure they want to, since Ash will be there, to which Carla reminds her they told her they would help her defend Avalor, and meant it. At this, Elena gives Victor a look of respect and touches Carla's shoulder, and all of them depart.

During the battle against the villains, Carla expresses concern for Mateo when Ash and then Chatana blast him, and he is pleased she got his name right. At one point, Ash blasts Elena, when suddenly she is confronted by Victor and Carla, who point their tamboritas at her. Though she barely acknowledges Victor's presence, Ash is shocked Carla would do such a thing, only for Carla to retort that she turned Victor into stone. Ash insists she loves Carla more than anyone or anything, but Victor tells her she loves herself more. Upon failing to convert Carla to her side, Ash dares her to give it her best shot, but Carla finds herself unable to blast Ash. Victor attempts to blast her anyway, but she dodges it and casts a spell that sends him relentlessly spinning as Carla chases after him. With her family out of the way, Ash is given the opportunity to release the Shadows of the Night, only to end up falling into the Spirit World with Elena and Flo. Shortly after the Shades' release, one of them, Yolo the Animal Shade, turns Victor and Carla into peabunnies. When Team Avalor retreats, Naomi picks up the transformed Victor and Carla.

After Elena's forgiveness towards a now redeemed Esteban creates a wave that undoes all the damage the Shades have done to Avalor, Victor and Carla are returned to normal. They meet up with everyone at the castle courtyard, where Elena and Esteban return to Avalor after sealing Cahu the Time Shade in the Spirit World. Now that peace has been restored, Elena proceeds with her coronation, with Victor and Carla being among the many attendants and bowing to Elena. They are also among the ones who give Naomi a smile of approval when Elena names her the new Chancellor, and quickly sing and dance with the others. While dancing, Carla bumps heads with Mateo, and the two exchange sheepish smiles while holding hands before continuing to celebrate Elena's new reign.


Season 1

What do we do now, Papa? We needed that tiara!
~ Carla after she and Victor are banished from Avalor.
Are you sure it’s a good idea for us to come back here, Papa? We were lucky [Princess Elena] didn’t lock us up after we tried stealing the Crown Jewels.
~ Carla expresses uncertainties about returning to Avalor.
I don’t get it. Why do we care if a Jaquín fails some test?
~ Carla perplexed by her father’s plan.
I don’t get how the plant lady is gonna help take over Avalor.
~ Carla after Victor frees Marimonda.
Shuriki is your old friend?
~ Carla learns of Victor’s alliance with Shuriki.

Season 2

Well, we got the jewel you asked for, so it’s time to keep your end of the deal. Make us Malvagos.
~ Carla demands Shuriki turn her and Victor into dark wizards.
Now all I have to do is convince Elena that Rita would make a better festival planner than Naomi, and the tiara will be mine.
~ Carla comes up with a plan to obtain Queen Lucia’s tiara.
But if you’d like, I’m happy to step in as festival planner. Until you two patch things up, of course.
~ Carla as Rita subtly takes over Naomi’s role as festival planner.
I almost had the tiara but Elena’s pesky friend... forget it. I’ll come up with another plan.
~ Carla explains her failure to Victor.
Did I? Or did I just learn that there’s a powerful Malvago frozen like a statue in the palace garden?
~ Carla informs Shuriki about the Malvago turned to stone.
The royal wizard Marco, Mason... it doesn’t matter. He has a reversal potion. It’ll be easy to steal from his workshop. I can play him like a violin.
~ Carla explains her plot to free the frozen Malvago.
Fiero acts like he’s so much better, but if it wasn’t for us, he’d still be a bird perch. And now he’s gonna be [Shuriki’s] royal Malvago? And we’re nothing!
~ Carla frustrated with Fiero.
Unless we were Malvagos. Then we could use a magic spell.
~ Carla convinces Shuriki to let Fiero turn her and Victor into Malvagos.
This is just like old times! I can’t believe we’re all together again!
~ Carla excited that Ash has returned.
Okay, this whole lovebird thing is getting a little gross.
~ Carla after her parents repeatedly show affection around her.

Season 3

Listen, you old buzzard! We need this to save my Papa!
~ Carla yells at Zopilote.
Ugh, this map is impossible to solve! Once you fix one side, the other sides don’t make sense!
~ Carla frustrated by the map to Takaina.
There are dozens of jewels! Do we have to check them all? Ugh, we’re no closer to getting all that magic and even further from helping Papa! [...] If we had rescued him first, he could’ve helped us figure out this map!
~ Carla's patience with her mother fades.
I failed you, Papa. I’m sorry.
~ Carla apologizes to her father.
My mother happened. I thought she loved us, but I was wrong.
~ Carla tells Elena what happened to Victor.


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